SVNSET WAVES | Severance Package | TSUKI
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Severance Package | TSUKI

“The San Diego-based duo, TSUKI, has been on my radar for quite some time, and it’s a beautiful thing, to witness artists fully blossoming. ‘Severance Package’ to me, is a perfect journey through heartbreak, and the progression of self-loathing and depression into, at the end of it all, coming out a better individual because of the experience. This collection of music varies in influences and styles, but all comes together to create such a cohesive idea, that I think fits perfectly into the Spring months we are finally finding ourselves in. Severance Package is a perfect depiction of allowing the cold snow of winter to melt away, and at the end, watching the flowers bloom and come back to life. SVNSET WAVES is amazingly proud to have a hand in releasing this masterpiece.”
– Corbin Cary (Creator of SVNSET WAVES)

TSUKI is Levi Chappell and Chanlar Rose.