SVNSET WAVES | Isolated Islands | Amparo
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Isolated Islands | Amparo

“At the beginning of 2017, I found myself exploring new and unusual sounds, production techniques and forcing myself into the unknown. I knew the sound I was after, but I wasn’t sure at the time how to start the process and where to begin. As always, the outdoors has been the most crucial influence in both my music and photography – so I went back to the wilderness and decided that’s where my album would begin. Capturing the audio of branches breaking and footsteps on forgotten trails – I weaved various noises in and out of this EP. Along the journey, I re-connected with an old friend, AgesWild. Adding his personal stories and melodies to my songs was a humbling experience and something I’ll never forget. It’s been an intimate journey and I’m thankful to everyone who has been here along the way.”

– Amparo
released June 9, 2017

Artwork by Yukari Ochi
Production and mixing by Lela Amparo
Mastering by eeph