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Raised in the deserts of southern Arizona, Amparo is the solo project of Lela Amparo. Crafting ambient induced day dreams, Amparo creates guitar loops and minimalistic programming to present instrumental music with a touch of melancholy and a longing for somewhere else.

*aka Kodal

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EP / June 9, 2017

"At the beginning of 2017, I found myself exploring new and unusual sounds, production techniques and forcing myself into the unknown. I knew the sound I was after, but I wasn’t sure at the time how to start the process and where to begin. As always, the outdoors has been the most crucial influence in both my music and photography - so I went back to the wilderness and decided that’s where my album would begin. Capturing the audio of branches breaking and footsteps on forgotten trails - I weaved various noises in and out of this ep. Along the journey, I re-connected with an old friend, AgesWild. Adding his personal stories and melodies to my songs was a humbling experience and something I’ll never forget. It’s been an intimate journey and I’m thankful to everyone who has been here along the way." - Amparo 

Artwork by Yukari Ochi
Production and mixing by Lela Amparo 
Mastering by eeph


Cloud Wrangler

EP / October 14, 2016

"I’ve always had a tough time staying in one place for too long. Whether it’s exploring the nearby mountain tops or throwing myself into a distant country - it’s the journey along the way that leaves the biggest impact on my life. I believe you can hear some of those moments in Cloud Wrangler and I hope it’s an album you can enjoy wherever you’re are." - Amparo 

Artwork by OCO Designs.
Production, Guitars, Bass & Mixing by Amparo.
Mastering by Solus.

WINTER WINDS vol. 6  /  Compilation  / January 26, 2019

WINTER WINDS vol. 6 / Compilation / January 26, 2019

Sanctuary (Remixes)  /  Compilation  / June 24, 2017

Sanctuary (Remixes) / Compilation / June 24, 2017

RISING TIDES vol. 4  /  Compilation  / October 29, 2016

RISING TIDES vol. 4 / Compilation / October 29, 2016

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