Picks of the Week (March 31, 2019)

Photo by  Darren Ellis .

Photo by Darren Ellis.

To start off this weeks write up, a track from Texas based producer, immrcy. [e-vaporation] contains the perfect blissful mix of natural textures, gentle sounds, and an entrancing groove that perfectly pulls the listener into a dream world, perfect for drifting away on a still night.
Next is the track, i left my body alone with you by Canadian artist Neu Balance from his recent full length. It features gorgeously gentle vocals from Forever. The song creates a peaceful space for gentle introspection and allows your mind to wander into a rose-tinted world of infatuation. This song perfectly soundtracks that late night thought of what someone else is thinking about you and all the possibilities of what life could be with that person.
Berlin-based Yvois creates a wonderfully optimistic track, Sit Tight, with the help of Ducks! and Ben Osborn. With glitchy drums and wonderfully crafted guitar samples, this song sounds like what sun beams shining down through the blowing leaves of trees looks like.
The Brooklyn trio, Obstacle delivers a wonderfully captivating, futuristic, experimental house track, After Image. Featuring unique distortions and mesmerizingly innovating sounds, this song toes the line between a dystopic and utopic future. Either way, we’ll be dancing through it.
Simon Jefferis is a multi-instrumentalist from the United Kingdom and his new single High Grade featuring Dylan Jones and Natty Reeves is the perfect way to slowly start sliding into summer. This jazzy track is the type that you know good memories are bound to be made to upon first listen. So be sure you head outside and start enjoying that good weather; and don’t forget to play this song while you’re breathing in the fresh, summer air.