Picks of the Week (April 15, 2019)

Photo by  Sterling .

Photo by Sterling.

Opals, by the renowned artist, Catching Flies comes to us from his debut album, which is due out in June. This track is a stripped back, emotive piano piece that I have been replaying over and over, especially late into the night, since hearing it. This is the perfect track to meditate or reflect on life, and a perfect track to drift away to. Really looking forward to what else is to come from the rest of the upcoming full-length.

To follow up such a wonderfully pensive piece, I need to follow it with something equally able to zone out to. I was lucky enough to rediscover Folded by Slamagotchi (who now goes by Sebastian Vivian) with SoundCloud’s handy Shuffle feature of likes on mobile. How I forgot about this incredible track, I’m not sure, but I won’t make that mistake again. This song is chilled out, yet immeasurably groovy, summing up everything SVNSET WAVES is all about.

Our friends over at Night Owl Collective released a wonderful little EP from Louisiana-based producer custodian not too long ago. I keep coming back to this wonderfully bouncy track, rubber. This seems like the perfect track to walk around and enjoy the nice weather with friends, so I’ll be adding this one to my 2019 summer playlist, and you should too. What a vibe.

Sometimes you just overlook a gem. That’s how I felt when I heard our longtime friend Swimming Tv’s track Jupiter. Evolving from a beautiful and delicate piece into a distorted banger. This is such an interesting and wonderful track. The distortion is so charming and brings me back to a time of SoundCloud music discovery that is much different than it is today.

To close out this weeks picks, the final track from Finish producer, Lapsihymy’s newest release. Takeoff has a beautiful build that feels like an ascent into heaven. Close your eyes and float off to somewhere better than here. “There are no shadows in heaven.”