Todd Proctor is an extremely skilled producer and visual artist. Audibly, Todd creates atmospheric dance music, easily accessible through both harmony and rhythm.

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EP / March 8, 2017

“For the Charcoal EP, I set out to create a coherent collection of tracks that work equally as well in the club as they do on a nice set of headphones at home. Less concerned with making bangers or smashing dance floors, I wanted these songs to feel emotional and warm; something you can connect to through the harmony as well as the rhythm. At the same time, I wanted the music to exist inside a challenging and unique soundscape free from cliche dance music signifiers. This was also a chance for me to take the atmospheric and layered production style I’d perfected using heavy sampling on prior releases, and apply that to compositions made entirely with original material. The EP was pieced together more like a traditional recording than an electronic album - instead and cut and pasting loops to a grid, the songs are edited together from long recordings of improvisation, lending an organic and at times volatile feel to the music. The centrepiece of the EP is the title track “Charcoal”, with my good friend Arrom on the mic. I wanted to try something different writing this song, and presented her with only the barest Piano chords to record with. This blank slate approach allowed me to built the production from the ground up around her vocals, a challenging process that paid off with some of the most impactful moments on the EP." - Hypersleep 

Boy Song  /  Single  / August 29, 2015

Boy Song / Single / August 29, 2015

Hopelessness Remixes  /  Compilation  / July 25, 2015

Hopelessness Remixes / Compilation / July 25, 2015


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