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EP / November 4, 2014

"I'm a 19 year old producer from Rome but I live in Milan. I started producing 7 years ago as a hip hop producer. Last year, I decided to mix my hip hop roots with different influences after starting to listen to ambient, contemporary, and vintage electronic music. Hotel Continental is a range of different atmospheres, feelings, and moods and it's my first beatape. The title of this tape reminds superficially to an exotic scenery but it is something more. It's a small tribute to the main rail station of my city, Stazione termini. In fact, I was fascinated by some stories about a hotel in the area which was occupied during the second world war from Nazi fascists and then it was occupied illegally by people with criminal records. If I should think about some musical dreams I surely say that I'd like to grow up artistically as a electronic producer and have interesting experiences as a hip hop producer in the Italian rap scene." - Nasty Lime

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