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EP / December 10, 2016

"In 2013, I was in the heat of digging through SoundCloud trying to find electronic music's best-kept secrets. In my searching, I found a track called 'Troubles (Part One)' by a mysterious artist called Now You Must Climb Alone. At the time, this track was the only song on the artist's page, but that was fine with me, I just had to restart the song over and over, but I was content. I ended up reaching out to the artist and I soon discovered that 'NYMCA' is a side project of a very talented musician, Alex Hentze, hailing out of Guatemala. Since then, I would say that 'NYMCA' has remained one of my favorite discoveries of all time. SVNSET WAVES featured him on RISING TIDES vol. 2 and in 2015 when I decided to transition SVNSET WAVES from a blog into a label, Now You Must Climb Alone was one of the first artists to come to my mind when thinking of artists I wanted on board. And now here we are in 2016, finally putting out the release we had talked about since 2013, and I am so damn excited. This self-titled release features some of my all-time favorite classics as well as a few unreleased goodies we are proud to release for the first time." - Corbin Cary 

RISING TIDES vol. 2  /  Compilation  / October 24, 2014

RISING TIDES vol. 2 / Compilation / October 24, 2014


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