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EP / September 27, 2018

"The name Ornithology refers to the variety of different bird sounds featured on this project. Most of these recordings were made during my travels through japan last year and they captured some feelings and scenes I will never forget. So when I mix these sounds with my compositions the music takes me back to those places. Back to the old mountain village's buddhist cemetery in the middle of a lush green forest, with the rain hitting the stone steps, cicadas performing an atonal ballad and some hawks flying above, cutting through the unreal soundscape with their sharp screams. Back to this deep connection I felt towards my environment." - Packed Rich

Art by Todd Proctor.
Mastering by Richard Alfaro.

RISING TIDES 011  /  Compilation  / April 28, 2018

RISING TIDES 011 / Compilation / April 28, 2018


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