Real Cosby - Gold Braid EP

Normally, I don’t make posts about an EP or album unless I have done an interview with the artist or am dropping an exclusive. But this release is far too good to not post about. I haven’t posted in a while due to the release of my compilation and a vacation down to visit my dad. Today, I had a five hour drive home from Dallas to Amarillo all by myself. Rather than sit in silence, I decided to finally sit back and listen to Denver based musician, Real Cosby's new EP, Gold Braid. Before this EP, Real Cosby released an EP called Earl Juice which has been my companion on quite a few road trips! I am so glad I had these 5 hours to myself in a car today. A good 30 minutes of the trip was taken up by me starting the EP over. I just could not get enough. Not a word was said the entire trip (except for me singing along with the very talented Marilyn Baker of course) and yet I felt like I had a friend along side me the whole time. 

I had the privilege to see Real Cosby this June and I was completely blown away with his live performance. Music was flowing into my ears and out of my body. I couldn’t keep myself from dancing and smiling at the sheer joy his music made me feel. If anyone were to ever ask who the most underrated producer making music today is, I would not hesitate a second to shout Real Cosby. This Thursday, I look forward to another road trip with Real Cosby’s music flowing through my speakers for the entire journey. But this time, I will be driving to Denver to dance, once again, with Real Cosby. This time, the showcase is my own. Featuring Real Cosby and 21 other fantastic musicians, 2 nights of music, and a lifetime of memories being born, I have been anticipating this weekend for months and I am so ready.

All this said, don’t go another day without listening to Real Cosby’s new EP. You can download it and buy vinyl from the Shoeboxx Recordings Bandcamp.

Also be sure to follow the man himself, Real Cosby, on SoundCloud and Facebook. I guarantee you will not be let down. 

DIVERSA Interview // Ego Death Review

What is a genre? A classification. Something to help us understand and organize our thoughts and taste. But what if we woke up in the morning and genres no longer existed. What if you no longer knew where music came from, who made it, and what it was called. We would all find amazing music that we are limited to hearing now because of these classifications. That is why I have so much respect for DIVERSA

DIVERSA originally made dubstep music but then transitioned into house, drum and bass, future beats, anything with a synth; you name it, DIVERSA has made it. Now when most try and create lots of different sounds and genres, they don’t ever master a sound and never fully develop as an artist, but this New Jersey based producer is one of the select few who can make everything he does sound amazing. He has proved this with his new EP, Ego Death. The EP is beautifully made and flows so well, but you can hear so many different influences in each of the songs. More and more people are hearing of DIVERSA, which is a very good thing because a producer of his skill deserves nothing less than to be heard. 

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Hey man! How are you doing?

I’m pretty good. Skyping with a bunch of people at once, just ate some turkey bacon, streaming myself making a cup of coffee. Life is great.

Good to hear! Who is DIVERSA?

DIVERSA is a man in his bedroom with a laptop, a guitar, a keyboard and some headphones. I’ll definitely expand my arsenal of musical things in due time.

You started out as DIVERSA making dubstep music. How does dubstep still influence your sound today?

Dubstep really helped me with sound design. I try to make unique and distinct synths in most of my songs.

Your song Do You was featured on Majestic Casual. What was your reaction to being featured on such an amazing platform?

I was confused as to how he found my track lol.

You just released your six track EP, Ego Death. Can you tell us about it?

Ego Death is an EP thrown together without plan or any real concept in mind. Ego Death itself is a song that I was going to put in another EP but I felt it wasn’t good enough.

If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would you choose and why?

I’ve thought about it. I’ve noticed that everyone wants me to collab with Mr. Carmack but I don’t know if he’d want to do that with me or not lol. That would probably sound cool though.

People always comment on how your sound is always changing and no one ever knows what to expect from you, which is not a bad thing at all! Now that this certain sound has caught so many peoples attention do you plan on sticking with it or are you going to continue keeping people on their toes?

I wish I could stick with a sound. My sound changes on its own and I have no control over it.

With all this attention you have been getting lately, have you gotten any crazy responses to your music by fans?

The responses I get from fans really lift my mood about if a song i made sounds good or not. I get very skeptical about myself musically.

With that being said, what’s next for DIVERSA?

More EPs, definitely. I’m interested in so many different genres and styles though. I want to make wonky hiphop beats but at the same time I want to make elegant, chord-driven songs, and at the same time, I want to make neurofunk again.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat! Much love to you and congratulations on all the success over the past few months! Keep up the good work my friend!

Thanks for interviewing me and making me feel special and shit.

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Make sure to buy DIVERSA’s Ego Death EP from his Bandcamp

Also follow DIVERSA on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter!

X3SR Interview // SUBLIMATION EP Review

I am the youngest child in my family. I came 20 years after my oldest brother so there is quite an age difference between my three brothers and I. My brothers have been my best friends. My role models. My comfort. My helping hand. I am so thankful that I have the brothers I do. I could never ask for anything better. 

Most people have brothers. If you don’t have a brother, you definitely know someone who does. Now, there are two completely different types of brother relationships. There are the brothers who are best friends from childhood, through high school, and into their adult lives. Then there are the brothers that never get along. They grow up to be enemies and only talk at family gatherings. But there is also one group of brothers I am leaving out… The brothers that grow up to make music together. And that is exactly the relationship between Brandon and Eric Seralena, the Miami based brothers that form X3SR. Their brand new EP, SUBLIMATION is the type of release you would listen to on repeat from sunrise to sunset. With the summer feel but the eternal sound of peace, happiness, and relaxation this EP is perfect when looking for the next thing to put in your Tycho music playlist (that comes as a very big compliment. Tycho is my favorite musician of all time). 

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Hey guys! How are things going?

B&E: yo! how’s it going buddy! things are flowing rather extremely well! you?

Doing great! Just enjoying my summer! For all the readers who are not familiar, what is X3SR?

B&E: X3SR is everything that you can imagine, from every dream, to all the love and passion that we submerge to create a limitless journey to carry ourselves into. it’s whatever the mind wants or wishes to perceive.

How did you come up with your name? Does it stand for something?

B&E: about 2 years ago, names were thrown around, but X3SR just seemed more than right. hey, it’s the first thing that pops up on google once you try to search it, other than that, some kind of technology part for an intelligent detective device that shows up under our name, which is pretty cool to be honest.

As brothers, I’m sure you both have quite a few embarrassing memories of each other. What is your most embarrassing childhood memory of your brother?

B: i remember walking in on eric at this hot dog shack’s bathroom in Miami after he had eaten roughly 10 chili dogs, and man this poor kid sounded like he was going through something tough. i asked what had happened and i remember him telling me ‘dude i just shat myself before ever making it to the toilet so i left my underwear in the trash bin’ hahaha

E: i can’t recall anything more embarrassing other than what brandon stated. that shit was just way too hilarious that day. haha.

Do you think being brothers is an advantage or a disadvantage when making music?

B&E: most definitely an advantage. i would say we have such a strong level of musicianship, brotherhood and chemistry, that the world would literally need to explode in order for us to detach from one another, musically speaking and friendship speaking. it’s something that was created since birth, passion and loyalty runs thick through our heart & soul.

Is there a story behind you guys’ new EP?

B&E: ahh ‘SUBLIMATION’ yes. we’re growing each and every single day, in a day in age where it’s actually quite difficult to sustain a certain sound and a relationship, call it introversive, or just a lack of an attention span, but this album proves that we can still maintain our root sound, but deliver a much more natural projected tone, something more purified for the ears to indulge into.

The EP is full of summer/beach vibes. How does living in Miami rub off on your music?

B&E: Miami, where do we even start or where do we even begin. some like it, some don’t, but at the very end of the day, we wake up and we go back to sleep in the exact same city. this is where we breathe. the beach, we call it home, the texture of the sand, with that perfect amount of moisture, the sound of the waves crashing in on a sunny soaked day, dig your toes into it, and you’ll never want to leave. now you know where our sounds come from.

What is your advise to musicians, Floridians, and brothers?

B&E: stay loyal, stay positive, never give up and if you’re from Florida, never forget that you’re from the sunshine state, haha.

What are you guys aiming to do in the coming months?

B&E: pretty much just push out the ‘SUBLIMATION’ EP as much as possible, play some pretty huge shows, meet a ton of people, land some more interviews with as many blog sites, radio show and just push X3SR out as far as it can go.

Thanks so much for the time guys! Much love!

B&E: no thank you! much love homie

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Pre-order physical copies of SUBLIMATION EP and putchase the EP for digital download at X3SR’s Bandcamp!

Also follow X3SR on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter

SVMMΞR SVN SHOWCΛSΞ artist #14 // Real Cosby

I have seen quite a few artists play in the past year including xxyyxx, Tycho, Wave Racer, and Ryan Hemsworth. But after seeing so many amazing artists, I added a new favorite performer to my list over the weekend. It is Denver based producer, Real Cosby. I interviewed him last year over his  EP, Earl Juice (sill one of my favorite releases of all time) shortly after he founded Shoeboxx Recordings with DJ Babyshoe. During the set, I was moving like crazy to Real Cosby’s sound selection (especially his unreleased music), and I had a smile on my face the entire time. 
I’m so stoked that Real Cosby is the final artist announced that will be playing my showcase in Denver this August presented by babyshoe. Make sure to be there because the lineup is full of talent and great people. 


Some people very much dislike when an artist makes “more than one sound”. Often times that is because the artist is so busy trying to make different sounding things, they never take the time and master their sound. I see this many times… Artists looking for their sound and making countless genres and never perfecting their sound. But, there are a few exceptions. And one of them is DINOSAURUS REX. From future funk to lo-fi rock this Denver based musician covers it all. And he always manages to keep it interesting, unique, and done to perfection. DINOSAURUS REX is the creator of KEATS//COLLECTIVE, the Denver based collective taking over the scene. With a great family behind him and an amazing talent for all types of music, there is no where to go for DINOSAURUS REX but up. 

DINOSAURUS REX will be playing the SVMMΞR SVN SHOWCΛSΞ taking place in Denver this August. RSVP for the event here!


Having just released a new EP, Denver based producer, RUMTUM is making sounds and being heard. After opening up for acts such as RJD2, Odesza, Shigeto, and Thundercat, RUMTUM is an experienced live performer and an amazingly talented beatsmith. This talent has received him affiliation with 1320 Records, Holy Underground, and Redbull Sound Select. With multiple mentions by XLR8R, it is my privilege to announce that RUMTUM will be playing my SVMMER SVN SHOWCASE in Denver this August presented by babyshoe.

Harris Cole Interview // The High Tape Review


About half a year ago, I decided I wanted to try my hand at graphic design. Since then I have had the pleasure of doing some art for some amazing musicians. When Harris Cole asked if I would be interested in making the art for his new tape, I couldn’t resist. He sent me the songs and I automatically knew the art had to be great, to compliment the amazing music. Harris was great to work with and it’s an honor to have made the art, but beyond the art, there is some amazing music. And I mean amazing. 

Last weekend I was preparing for a garage sale and I was moving boxes of stuff from my house to my car. The whole time I had this tape replaying. I was stressed out and hot and very sweaty. But something about walking inside to hear this music playing put my whole body at ease. I enjoyed the trips to the car because I knew I would walk back in to a fantastic atmosphere with a beautiful soundscape. The High Tape is relaxing, refreshing, and all out amazing. 

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Hey man! How are you?

I’m doing great! Enjoying summer and all the good weather, sleeping a lot, listening to all the great music that’s been coming out lately.

Who is Harris Cole and how did you first get into production?

I’m a 17 year old Jewish (but not religious) kid from the suburbs of Chicago that used to play sports in middle school until I realized i didn’t enjoy it. Meanwhile I was learning how to use virtual dj and do mash-ups and shit like that, and by freshman year I’d copped my first version of Ableton. It took me a little while to figure that out, but I’ve been banging out beats pretty intensely for a year. I feel very committed to trying to learn as much as I can and become as versatile and skilled as I can in the realm of production.

What is music to you?

Music is happiness. Music is what helps me get through the day, or cope with pain. Music is what I enjoy to prolong a good mood. I’ve been enjoying music since I was a young child, though since middle school music has been very dear to me in ways that it wasn’t my whole life. Music is everything to me, man - I don’t know how else to put it.

You are a member of Midwest Collective. How did you get involved there?

I remember seeing their promo video for Vol. 2 featuring Tuuwa’s “Prism Perfect” and thinking “wow, this is fuckin cool” - I then realized they had been giving me love on soundcloud for a while so I hit them up and was soon inducted into the family. These dudes are some of the most hard working, committed, passionate people I know. We’re a group of (mostly) young kids that are all working to put each other on.

What is the craziest response you have received from your music?

Not sure of a specific one, though since I dropped The High Tape i’ve gained 1,000 followers and reached 50,000 ears in the last week. Not to mention close to 1,000 people have downloaded the tape from the 3rd mediafire link I put up, as well as selling out bandcamp’s 200 free downloads in a day. That to me would be the craziest response I’ve ever gotten from my music.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world who would you choose?

There are so many producers that I admire highly, though I would work with Mr. Carmack if I got the chance. There are no words for this dude really. Everything he so nonchalantly posts on soundcloud or bandcamp strikes a chord in me that most music does not.

What are your goals and plans for the future?

I just want to keep making music that people enjoy and support. Mostly though, I want to keep growing and learning and become as proficient and skilled in music as I can. I’m young so I feel that if I keep working hard consistently and sacrificing some things in my life, it will pay off.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat! Take care and congrats on all the love with the tape!

Thanks for talking with me! Appreciate the kind words and the support!

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Follow Harris Cole on SoundCloud and Facebook

Download The High Tape from the Blvnt Records Badndcamp page.


Funk lovers beware! If you click play on a KEV//BOT song, prepare to fall into a deep addiction. Based out of Fort Collins, KEV//BOT is a member of the highly distinguished KEATS//COLLECTIVE, which is based out of Denver. A sample wizard, KEV//BOT has been creating funky favorites for over two years and this year, I am excited to have him onboard for the SVMMΞR SVN SHOWCΛSΞ taking place in Denver this August

SVMMΞR SVN SHOWCΛSΞ artist #3 // Metallic Clouds

Colorado teen, Metallic Clouds is one of the oldest names to the SVNSET WAVES family. With ephemeral vibes and dreamy tones, the Colorado Springs producer is our newest addition to the SVMMER SVN SHOWCASE in Denver this August. A member of Midwest Collective, Metallic Clouds is making a name for himself, having opened for Giraffage in the past few months. 

Make sure to RSVP for the event HERE!

SVMMΞR SVN SHOWCΛSΞ artist #10 // Eest Coast

Myself and babyshoe are very pleased to announce our only non Colorado artist, Eest Coast. The Connecticut based teen is a member of Shoeboxx Recordings and releases his hit single, My Luv, earlier this year. Eest Coast has a way of pulling on your heart strings and we are excited for him to make his Southern debut at the SVMMER SVN SHOWCASE in Denver this year.

NioN Inteview // Cold Color EP Review

During the summer, I always look for certain music that captures certain pictures throughout summer. The type of music you can just see a summer scene taking place in. Italian producer, NioN has captured that feel with his new EP, Cold Color. The release opens up with the title track which takes me to a laid back summers day sitting by a swimming hole and taking in the sun rays with friends laughter in the air. The second song, NDNM reminds me of the childhood adventures I had all alone. The type where you just ran around and pretended like you were doing something awesome… Yeah. Those kinds of memories flash back when I listen to this song. The third track, 4th Sunday, reminds me of the aloneness you can feel sometimes during summer. A few summers back, an entire friend group completely excluded me from every activity, hangout, and get together all summer. I was heartbroken and felt completely alone. This is a song that reminds me of when I would reflect upon myself, trying to figure out what was wrong with me, but all along the fault wasn’t in myself. The final track, Everything To Me is a song that reminds me of the end of summer. Trying to squeeze ever last moment and savor every last breath of it. Because before long, it will be gone, and you will go back to simply wishing it was summer again. 

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Hey man! How are you?

Hi! to tell you the truth, I’m a bit stressed because of school, but holidays are starting soon so it’s okay.

Who is NioN?
NioN is my music project I started about one year ago, when I didn’t know a single thing about making music. I usually try to mix a lot of genres: my tracks are influenced by IDM, House and Club stuff, Ambient, Hip-hop, Chillwave and a little bit of Glitch.
What inspires you most when you create music?
Well, this is a difficult question: I usually try to figure out what I want to do when I’m starting a track, but I always end up with something totally different! So I think I’m influenced by a sort of unconscious inspiration that depends on how I am feeling at that moment… or something like that.
You just released your EP, Cold Color. What is the backstory to the release?
I started the EP in November and I finished it in April, so I like to think that it’s like a diary about how I felt and what I’ve learned in those months. I’ve produced a lot more tracks in that period (that I’m maybe going to release someday), but Cold Color EP sums up perfectly the sounds I’m trying to enhance.
You released the EP with CMV Recordings. How did you get involved there?
When the label was born, I got in touch with my bro Lynch Kingsley (a member of the collective). They listened to my tracks and they immediately picked me up.
You are from Italy. Is there any electronic music scene there?
Yes, Italy is full of talented producers and there are also a lot of Italian labels; a very good movement is shaping now days. Unfortunately I haven’t been making music for very long so I’m not really part of that…for now.
If you could work with any artist in the world who would you choose?
I’m a total fanboy of Gold Panda. I irrationally love every single work of his, so I think I would have a heart attack if I could work with such a great artist!
Any closing advise, comments, or statements?
Even if I started making music like 1 year ago (I consider myself as a novice), I have some useful advice to give to other producers: Always do what you want to do. Don’t modify your music because of trends or other people’s opinions. If you don’t make the music you love, you will never give your best as an artist.
Thanks so much for the time man! Much love!

Thank you for appreciating my music!

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Follow NioN on SoundCloud and download the Cold Color EP here.

SVMMΞR SVN SHOWCΛSΞ artist #9 //Snubluck

An affiliate of DIRTY//CLEAN, Dener based producer, Snubluck is no new name to the Denver music scene. Having opened for Nosaj Thing, Slow Magic, and Lindsay Lowend, Snubluck is an experienced and captivating live performer. His SoundCloud bio fits his sound perfectly: “Homegrown beats, glitch, and sampledelia”. 

Make sure you check him out if you are in Denver this August for the SVMMER SVN SHOWCASE presented by babyshoe.

SVMMΞR SVN SHOWCΛSΞ artist #8 // tuuwa

Who just moved to Denver, is a member of Keats//Collective, and created his own collective, Midwest Collective? If you guessed Superman you were close enough. It’s tuuwa. Formerly making music out of Illinois, tuuwa’s funky form will easily allow him to slide right in to Denver’s already booming future funk scene. And I am pleased to announce tuuwa will be playing at the SVMMER SVN SHOWCASE presented by babyshoe in Denver this August! Be sure to RSVP!  


Is the name CROWNS familiar to you? If you listened to SVMMΞR SVN vol. 1, it should be! Remember that first track off the album that basically set the tone for the entire summer. Yeah, that was CROWNS. And if you haven’t been keeping up with that name since, you are at a loss. There is no better way to describe CROWNS sound than one simple word. Summer. Every track deserves to be playing all season long at every pool party in America. 

That is why I am stoked to announce that CROWNS will be taking place in my SVMMΞR SVN SHOWCΛSΞ presented by babyshoe in Denver, August 8 & 9.

SVMMΞR SVN SHOWCΛSΞ artist #6 // Man Mantis

Based out of Denver, Colorado, the next announced artist for my SVMMΞR SVN SHOWCΛSΞ presented by babyshoe, Man Mantis is a skilled producer, DJ, and graphic artist. Having just released his third volume of a series of EP’s called Majestic Dimensions, Man Mantis is helping introduce a new sound to electronic music. With over three years of production under his belt, Man Mantis is no new face to the game but he recently earned an opening slot for the legend himself, RJD2. 

Make sure to RSVP for the event, taking place in Denver this August here.