PICKS OF THE WEEK (April 13, 2014)

Producers // Y E Λ R S // and Y U M I - 由美 teamed up to creat this beautiful piece called ビサイド島. The song samples Final Fantasy which automatically caught my attention. This track allows emotions to flow, memories to be relived, and love to slip its way back into your heart.

I have the privilege of being Snapchat buddies with 19 year old bedroom producer Rolmex. After seeing a lot of his newest clips, I was extremely excited to hear the final product of his collaboration with vocalist Sofia. Although I took Spanish class last year, I can not understand the lyrics, but theres something beautiful in that for me. I don’t need to know what the words are because the emotions are still being portrayed. 

Phoenix based musician A Cloud For Climbing released his first single off of his upcoming debut album. The progression of Dala. leaves you in a dreamy state of mind where limitless adventures are at your fingertips. When I go skydiving someday, I’ll have this song playing the whole way down. 

Teenage Australian duo L W K Y is back with yet another fantastic single. Too Late is a song for the sleep deprived, heart broken, and the lonely. Get ready to put this on replay and vibe (cry) to all night long. 

Fourteen year old producer petit biscuit has been on a roll as of late and his new song, Voyage, a song I will be listening to for months to come. The track sound like it is being played straight off of a crispy and crackly record player. The synthwork and vocal samples all work out to perfectly form this beautiful track.

Yet another teenage duo teams up to bring us this amazing track, Leave Slow. Tin Gardens is the Chicago brainchild of Foghound and Dazed For Daze. Emotional. Experimental. Unique. Beautiful. That just about sums up this song. 

Art by Jacky Wong.

iglooghost Interview

In late 2013, an artist by the name of iglooghost caught my attention. I first heard his song peanut_smoker (raja.ram) and automatically knew I had found something very special. At the time, the young British producer was only 16 years old but his musical presence was well beyond his years. His beautifully quirky and busy beats pulled me in close and put me in a trance.  Shortly, I introduced myself through Facebook and started talking with him and realized not only does he have amazing music, but also a great personality and a very humorous character. In many ways, he reminds me of myself (other than the amazing music part). I have been wanting to conduct an interview with him for quite some time, but the opportunity just recently presented itself. 

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Hey man! Thanks for taking the time to chat!

hi hey oi waddup wagwon.

How are you?

i’m ok i think. i have 1 day left of school until i get like 2 weeks off n i’m gonna finish this record with milo. it’s really foggy here which is cool.

First off, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you chose the name iglooghost?

hahahar i’m not sure uh i think i was drunk freestyling w my dumb friends in some woods @ an ungodly hour & i did some line about being a malevolent inuit spirit. wait it was like ‘INVADING ABODES LIKE A MOUSE IS//HAUNT INUIT HOUSES//COOL SWEATER BUT POORER QUALITY TROUSERS.” i recorded it all on my phone n i watched it back then made a song called cool sweater. wow full circle wow

The music video for peanut_smoker (raja.ram) is one of my favorite music videos of all time, What was the process of making the video and how did you come up with the idea?

loooooooool shut up. that’s v kind. thank you. me and my main fellas luke & tim are into goo so we shot loads of shitty views in our shitty town & i stayed up for 3 days n drew goo on em.

You have done quite a few collaborations with rappers. What is it like producing a song for someone and how do you vibe off of each other?

uh it’s pretty hard tbh. you’re making the shit with them in mind and trying to pander to their tastes but simultaneously feeling like a lil bitchman. i only like working w milo & this dude called king kow//cow yote//mr yote. watch out for him he’s better @ rapping than you & prefers japanese mech figurines 2 trap beats.

You live basically in the middle of nowhere like me. Do you consider this a disadvantage or an advantage musically?

uh it’s shit. speaking of trap beats i feel like my music would have hella hi hats if i lived in the city cus i’d be trying to impress hypebeast ass lame girls n breed w em. but the girls here think avicii is cool… so i can do whatever i want stylistically i guess, i’m not even gonna try and woo the ladies. i think the isolation is good in terms of productivity. i can do weird things cus i only show em 2 like 3 other ppl.

You played your first live show ever this January. How did it go and how was your music received by the audience? What are your hopes for future live performances?

hahahaha yeh that fun. it was with SWEDE:ART & my panda shall fly. i love both those dudes’ stuff so it was an honour. it went down real gr8. i got v clunky hands & i was balancing my shit on this circular table the whole time n i sweated like a sweat lord but it was all good. very fun.

You are a self proclaimed “original badboi rudeboi”. I would agree being that you cut through an elderly mans lawn every morning to get to school. But on this journey, you have to climb through a tree tunnel and of course, you brand new release with Error-Broadcast is called Treetunnels. What was the inspiration for the album and how was the process of making it?

lmao yeah i’m awful. sorry old man w nice car. my inspiration was being nervous about everything maybe, but also sedated w benzodiazepines @ the same time. the ep is really hard 2 explain so here are some key words: twinings jasmine green tea// ram horns// small green leaves// tits// bears// dust// meteorites// the smell of photos when they get leaky and inky// must// nag champa incense sticks//

As a graphic artist, I am quite fond of all of your art. Do you make it yourself?

yeh that’s a thing i’m real anal about. i hate shading & “good art.”

Your sound is super unique and easy to get down to. Who are some of your largest musical influences and role-models?

gee thanks boi i’m making a concious descision to duck the brainfeeder comparisons w the next thing but not change my style. &&&&&&&&&& uh i like aphex twin, old sonic youth, pharcyde, miles davis, clipse, swans.

You are only 17 making you part of an awesome world of teenage producers. What advise would you give to young artists like yourself and how do you think your music career will change when you turn 18.

i think 18 might be still notable but idek. that’s a fucking issue. 19 is usually mentioned so maybe i have a few years left of bitching out. i dunno. & uh young artists………….. shouldn’t take things seriously. use a burp as a snare. make heavy stuff when yr older and boring.

Thanks so much for the chat. Keep up the amazing work!

thx man everybody cop my new mixtape bugatti bandits 3 presented by don cannon. just kidding but go watch my new vid w RUFFMERCY if u feel like it but its fine if not xooxxxxoxoxooxox ex oh ex oh

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Make sure to check iglooghost out on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Bandcamp.

Also, be sure to get Treetunnels from the Error Broadcast Bandcamp.

PICKS OF THE WEEK (April 6, 2014)

London based producer, et aliae created this beautiful masterpiece, you remind me…, for the trying to find love in a parallel universe compilation. Make sure to check out the 26 artist album because it is packed full of good music! Also, keep your eye on et aliae. Good music is no doubt just around the corner.

Italian beatsmith, intrøvert captured my attention with his laid back hiphop beat, Thoughtless. I knew I liked what I heard and as I listened to more of his sounds I recognized him as an artist to keep my eyes on! You should too!

kwok is one of those artists that I heard and immediately fell in love with. And his chilled out R&B influenced track, I Got is the one that started it all. The Netherlands have a really cool music scene being born with minds such as kwok and NT.MMXIII. Keep your eyes out for a cool Netherland beat scene birth in the coming months. 

ƒΔÐÊS creates these peaceful joints that use amazing sampling. Songs like smile make me long for summer, which is only five weeks away for me. If you like hip-hop and jazz influenced beats, look no further because ƒΔÐÊS has everything you need.

ATUMIS is a super mysterious producer, and there is something super interesting about that that makes you want to get to know the artist in a better way through the music. I’m talking, so mysterious, you can’t even comment on the tracks. Regardless, if you know me I’m quite a ham for some quality trap music that I can get down to. All of ATUMIS’ music satisfies that need. 

Tyord recently released his Winters Wither With Her EP. I was such a fan of the release, I wanted my first ever video interview to be with the Miami based producer. Unfortunately some things didn’t work out the way they were expected and the interview was never posted. But, in the interview Tyord talks about some of the artists set to remix the songs on the EP and I was thoroughly excited when I heard that Mosaicc would be conducting a remix. Mosaicc has been a favorite of mine for quite a while now and I was not disappointed at all by the outcome of the remix. 

Wisconsin based artist SLOWPOKE released this song about three months ago but I just found it this week and I sure am glad I did! His song You’ve Got Me is a chilled track that has me tapping my foot and bobbing my head. Make sure to check out his other tracks which range from dub to house to chill to hophop. Regardless of what you like, you will find something that catches your attention.

ART BY Page67_Lynette Jackson.

BEΛR//FΛCE Interview

When I first started getting into experimental electronic music, Majestic Casual was one of my main sources for finding new artists. Shortly after I started following Majestic, they posted a song called Taste My Sad. As always the art lured me in and with a name like Bear//Face the artist must be pretty unique. Little did I know I was about to fall in love. The song brought so many different things to the table. Sadness. Hope. Tears. Longing. In the desperate state of life I was in at the time, this music was everything I needed to help me through the hard times. Majestic went on to post a few more songs from Bear//Face and for some it took a few songs or a few listens to make up their mind on the Belfast based artist… But I for one fell in love within the first ten seconds I heard his music. Bear//Face automatically became one of my favorite artists and I have been keeping up with him ever since. 

This year at SXSW, I had the amazing privilege of going to the #spf420 house party. Among the performers were some of my favorite artists of all time including Giraffage, Spazzkid, Different Sleep, Ryan Hemsworth, and none other than Bear//Face. He was the second artist to play (just after Tony Hawk Pro DJ) and I was shaking with excitement. One of the greatest musicians in my mind was about to play a set for me and a handful of other people. The set was my favorite of the night. I got to hear some familiar songs, unreleased tunes, and of course, the song that started it all, Taste My Sad. After a few more sets I finally got the courage to go over and say a few words. He was so humble and kind and at the end of our little conversation I felt like I just got done talking to a long time friend. One of the beautiful things about music is that even if someone lives in another country and has never met you in their life, you steel feel a connection because of a similar passion for music. 

When I returned home, I messaged Bear//Face on Facebook and asked if I could interview him and I was overjoyed when he agreed to answer some questions for me! So, without anymore talk, here is my interview with the great Bear//Face.

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Hey man! How are you doing?

Great! thanks for asking. 

I had the amazing honor of seeing you play at SXSW and your set exceeded my high expectations. So, speaking of live performances, what is the craziest thing that has happened during one of your live performances? 

I haven’t played that many shows so nothing really insane to be honest, playing the spf420 show while dogs pooped in the kitchen adjacent to me was chill. 

This was my first year at SXSW and it was also your first year. What did you think and what were some highlights of your trip? 

Had so much fun, too many highlights, the aggressive dance circle we started down 6th street while being surrounded by a group of people pounding african drums was an experience though.

For SXSW you made the long trip from Belfast to Austin. How is the music scene in Belfast? 

I actually flew there from Anguilla, but the Belfast music scene is pretty strange. Mainly consists of bands and stuff, very little electronic music unfortunately. Some good bands though.

I first discovered your music through Majestic Casual when they posted your track Taste My Sad. I automatically fell in love. That was your first Majestic feature and since then you have been featured on the channel seven more times. How did you feel the first time you saw that Majestic had posted your track and do you still feel the same way when you see that they have uploaded another one of your tracks? 

Thank you! It was really cool when I saw they posted it, I was aware of them before so it was cool to get that recognition. They definitely helped me a lot. 

Many young artists like yourself would say that your music has been an inspiration for their own musical endeavors. When did you start making music and what affect has it had on your life? 

I started like properly writing music around 15 or so when I was playing in bands and things like that. I’d say it’s had a pretty big affect on me, theres not much else that I feel as comfortable doing. 

You released Beat_Tape in October of 2012 and it got a ton of love. What was the process of that release? Did you expect such a huge response to the album? 

To be honest it was just a load of tracks I threw together that I had been working on over the past year. It was a totally passive release, I really wasn’t thinking much about it. I just wanted to get some feedback from people who weren’t my friends, the response felt pretty crazy. 

You are a member of Moose Records along side your friends Dream Koala, Andrea, and Julia Losfelt among many other talented musicians. How did you get involved with Moose and what do you think of the label as a whole? 

I’m actually not officially a part of Moose Records or anything, I’m just affiliated with the dudes who run it. All great people by the way, super super talented. I was introduced to Andrea online through Yndi (Dream Koala) initially, and have just been talking and stuff ever since. 

Who were some of your musical inspirations when you first started making music? 

In terms of electronic music, dudes like Gold Panda, Balam Acab, Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus etc. But all the music I listen to definitely inspires me to some degree, regardless of genre. 

If you could collab with any artist in the world who would you choose and why? 

Young Thug. I really don’t think I need a reason. 

It’s been a while since you have posted new music. You must be working on something good! What can we hope for from you in the year to come? 

Sitting on a lot of new stuff at the moment. It’ll all make sense soon. 

Thank you so much for spending the time to chat, my friend! Take care! 

No problem, thanks for hitting me up!

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ
Make sure to follow Bear//Face on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.
Also be sure to download Beat_Tape and Bear//Face’s Remix Compilation


Brand new compilation from myself and FOGPAK

FOGPAK has been a huge influence on me while putting together compilations! 

This album is so diverse and reaches so many different styles and tastes. 

Make sure to check it out and download it because it’s free! A big thanks to every artist who participated! 

And download it for free right here!



I am always extremely giddy when I have the honor to interview a Shoeboxx Recordings artist! Every release they have is extravagant and each of their artists are so talented and unique. And today I am extra lucky because I also get to release the fantastic EASY GIRL Remix of EEST COAST's song, My Luv.

To begin with, the remix. 

EASY GIRL could easily be called one of the most amazing remixers of our time, and his remix for EEST COAST’s single, My Luv, is no exception. EASY GIRL creates an amazingly simple yet beautiful world with his upbeat take on the track. EASY GIRL is definitely not one to follow trends, but one to set them. 

Now to EEST COAST and his single.

I have been following EEST COAST for quite a while and I am always amazed at his work. On April first, Shoeboxx Recordings is releasing his single, My Luv featuring remixes from SAINT PEPSI, Snubluck, and, of course, EASY GIRL. My Luv was the second time I had ever heard a track from the seventeen (sixteen then) year old producer based out of Connecticut. His production is flawless and it is very evident that he has talent beyond his years. 

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Hey man! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions!

Thanks for having me, I am very ‘jazzed’ to be here.


I’m a seventeen-year-old kid named Adam who lives in Connecticut. There’s nothing else to it other than that, I don’t think.

You have been making music since a very young age. What got you into producing and what impact has it had on your life?

I started playing drums when I was like, eleven or twelve years old. I picked up learning more and more instruments after that, like ukulele, guitar, piano, accordion, mandolin, among others. I was really big into folk and pop-rock music for a while, then I started making music on my computer when I was 14 or so and it went downhill from there.

Music production has had some ‘impact’ on my life, I think. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘emotionally’ impacted me as much as it’s just become something I spend nearly all my time on. I make music because I love it and there’s nothing else I want to spend my time on. It’s also a good form of stress-relief, ‘catharsis,’ for me, I feel.

You are still in high-school. What is it like juggling school, work, and music at the same time?

Music is something I do late at night or early in the morning. Most of my free time (that isn’t at school or work) is spent on music. School always comes first, or whatever, kids.

You joined Denver based label, Shoeboxx Recordings in June of 2013. What is it like being a part of the amazing dream team they are building?

It’s so great, they’re an amazing group of people. They’re all very talented and some of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met. I have no clue where I’d be without them right now. Eric and Paul are the two people responsible for helping me get this far, I can’t thank them enough.

You are about to release your single, MY LUV, with Shoeboxx Recordings. You first released the track eight months ago and received a ton of love. What was the inspiration to making this track?

I had always wanted to make songs that sound very ‘summer-y,’ because I enjoy summertime. It’s my favorite season. It somehow feels very happy and very sad at the same time, like morose in a very endearing way. I wanted to make a track like that, simultaneously poppy and sad. It’s a very desperate song, I feel. It’s like the emotion of being upset but being happy with being upset. Like sugar-coated depression.

The release features some amazing remixes from Saint Pepsi, Snubluck, and Easy Girl. What is it like hearing other artists takes on your song?

Amazing. It was great to hear artists use my music in their own way. It was like a ‘wow’ moment, I never even thought I’d ever hear anyone remix anything I made. I never even expected anyone to listen to anything I made to begin with, really. It’s exciting.

The release is being put on 7” vinyl. How does it feel to physically hold your music?

I love vinyl, I think it’s a great medium. I love this vinyl especially; the cover art on the single is actually a picture of the wallpaper in my house, and coupling that with the clear vinyl, I think it’s a really good representation of ‘me.’ It’s like a small piece of my life and I’m glad I get to share it with people.

What should we be expecting from you in the coming months?

I’m going to be releasing my debut EP with Shoeboxx Recordings this summer. It’s a good summertime EP, I feel. It has four new tracks and has artwork created by Tao Lin. That’s all I can really say. You’ll also be hearing new stuff from me before then, though I can’t say much on that front either.

Thanks so much for the time man! Best of luck with the release!

Thanks for having me. Much love.

 Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Be sure to follow EEST COAST on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

Also be on the lookout for My Luv on April 1st on the Shoeboxx Recordings Bandcamp. And be sure to snatch up a 7” vinyl before they are all gone!

Gangplans - Tinue feat. Voyager (SVNSET WΛVES Ξxclusive Premiere)


SVNSET WΛVES is proud to release an exclusive single from Gangplans, the talented duo out of California. The track, Tinue, features the talent of Norwegian producer, Voyager. I can’t think of a better song to start the spring season off with! You can hear the blooming and growth within the upbeat track. Listening makes me feel hopeful and keeps me anticipated for the fresh smell of flowers, warm sun on my skin, and the songs of birds in the trees.

"This track started with an idea tossed to us by Voyager, which was a church organ based groove. We added some guitar, bass, keys, bells, additional beats, and rearranged the song according to the vocal narrative of on our own vocals pitched-up and sampled. Voyager then sent us notes and a crucial addition of underlying strings that we used to lush out the vibe here and there. During the making of the track we became obsessed with the movie Her, which is about man loving a entity that has been constructed by man, which ends up becoming more than man. In a way, that’s what this track is all about. It’s a celebration of the impending singularity and the triumph of post-language communication. And at the very end there is a little easter egg to keep us in check." - Gangplans


I will stand here and keep it going on

You deserve it live on live on

Make sure to keep up with Gangplans on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Bandcamp.

If you are an artist and would like to collaborate with Gangplans, email them at gangplans@gmail.com.

Gloom Interview // High Tide Review


The transition from winter to spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Winter seems to bring around the saddest times and dreary minds. For me, this winter just looked like a ton of stress. Applying for colleges and scholarships is pretty annoying, frustrating, and time-consuming. But, I also have to balance the time I spend with school and education with friends, family, and music. And I just turned 18 so I am finally starting to feel the pressure of growing up and being an adult, which can be a very hard thing to grasp. But, as the snow melts away and the flowers start to blossom and the trees start to bud, the feeling of renewal and peace is all around me. 

As I have been making these transitions, there is one release I have really had in mind as a soundtrack to this transition. That soundtrack is Oregon based musician, Gloom's new release, High Tide. The EP starts off with the title song, High Tide. This song reminds me so much of winter with its cold and emotional atmosphere. The next track, Dream Scheme features the remarkable talent of Bijou. To me, this track symbolizes the last push of winter. The knowledge that you are so close to coming out of the storm and breaking free of your bondages. The next track, (my personal favorite) Laguna Beach shows the first signs of spring. I can just hear the rebirth and hopeful anticipation in the piece.  The last track off the EP is Longitude and this track reminds me that even though the storm has passed, there are more coming. But, not to fear the storm… Look forward to it, because along with the storm comes new lessons and growth through the struggle. The EP is an amazing listening experience that can be really healthy for someones mind and soul in times of transition. 

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Hey man! Thanks for stopping by to chat!

Thanks for having me. 

First off, can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m 27 years old. I live in Eugene, Oregon and I like to make music and video games. I want to be free.

How did you choose your name?

One day I said to myself, “I’m tired of being such a gloom prophet” and for some reason I thought it was a good name for my musical project.

When did you start making music and what impact has it made in your life?

I got into playing guitar when I was 13. I didn’t really go to school so most of my days I spent playing music. I tried any instrument I could get my hand on and played them all terribly with an almost refusal to learn music theory or any other rule that someone else has made up. Music has impacted my life in ways both positive and negative. While it has provided me with an outlet to express myself it has also made it difficult at times for me to be successful in a society I am almost forced to participate in.

You just recently released your EP, High Tide. What was the process and inspiration for the release?

I started it on a trip to California. It was inspired by the warm beach and the way the waves sweep in and out, and the haze and fog of a mountain trail here in Oregon. This provided the heavily melancholy feel of the album. I started out working with audio samples from old field recordings and previously unfinished projects. I proceeded to chop them up and lay down a foundation which I then would record instrumentation over. Most of the time from there after was shaping and moving the captured audio through three dimensional space as well as creating thick harmonic textures. In sound design, I find a way to tune my nervous system and release chemical reactions in my brain, so the intention while creating a song is very much about how it “feels”.

You released the EP with Los Angeles based label, Tipping Hand Recordings. How did you get involved with Tipping Hand?

I was approached via internet by Drake about releasing music for a label he was launching. CoMa had turned him on to my music. They are both wonderful people and I’m glad that I have come in contact with them both.

What can we expect from you in the coming months?

Just starting to play shows I have one Feb 15th in Portland with Bluetech. So I hope to do more shows and work on making video games.

Thanks for taking the time to talk! It was a pleasure!

Take Care.

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Make sure to download High Tide from Tipping Hand’s Bandcamp

Be sure to keep up with Gloom on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Bandcamp


January Ξxclusive Mix from WTCHDCTR

These are my favorite electronic-based artists. The ones that inspire me and have shaped me into the musician/producer I am today. I could listen to all of these tracks and artists no matter what mood I’m in, anytime of any day. Tracks like these make my heart happy and my soul warm. They each make me feel a certain way, but I ultimately love them all the same. I thank the beautiful minds that created them." -WTCHDCTR

Sweet Valley - One

Nathan Williams is probably my biggest musical influence. So of coarse when Nathan and his brother Kynan started producing, I knew it’d be magical. Topped with Zelda and Final Fantasy samples/references, SWEET VALLEY is just one of those things that are so amazing I can’t believe it actually exists.

Shlohmo - Anywhere But Here

Shlohmo is light. He is definitely my favourite electronic producer. Anywhere But Here is my favourite track off the album, “Bad Vibes”. It’s incredibly difficult to pick just one Shlohmo track because I love them all but Anywhere But Here takes me somewhere I’ve never been. Makes me feel so darn good. I can’t explain it. I love it.

Shigeto - DEAS 2 

Ooo, jeez. Shigeto. Ugh, so amazing. This track reminds me of the rain. It makes me think of staring out into the calm grey with a hot mug of tea. I absolutely love all of Shigeto’s work. All of his jazz infused organ, it feels like it’s wrapping itself around me and loving me right back.

Perfume (パフューム) - Dream Fighter

I love J-pop. I could listen to it all day… Because I have. Perfume (パフューム) and Capsule are really fantastic for anyone who wants to get into electronic production. Yasutaka Nakata, the producer for both groups is a genius. Dream Fighter just puts me in a great mood and it’s my favourite song off their album, “Triangle”.

Daisuke Tanabe - Ghost

My favourite Japanese artist/producer. His mind is incredible. His use of atmosphere and samples amazes me. Every song he creates has it’s own distinct feel and personality. Once again, another producer too difficult for me to pick just one favourite song, but Ghost was my first Daisuke Tanabe track I heard and it changed me. He is definitely a very huge influence on me.

Salem - Skullcrush

Salem is one of my top three favourite full bands. What can I say about them? They make me think of bruised knees and strobe lights. They make me think of burning things down while making out with you’re significant other. Seeing them live would be transcendent.

J Dilla - Life

A master of his craft. One of my biggest influences in hiphop music, and production. An inspiration to so many, he definitely paved the road of producing. I don’t think I need to say much. I just love this track, and if you haven’t heard Dilla… what the stuff you doin’ with your life?

Aphex Twin - Stone In Focus

My first electronic music encounter… eight years old, didn’t know what I was hearing… but it was good. Very good. I can imagine I must’ve heard some other electronic music before that through the radio or my older brother but Aphex Twin was the first that sat with me. I’ve never met an eight year old so effected by music, so amazed and confused. I remember seeing the video for Windowlicker when it premiered and being so mesmerized. Since then Aphex Twin has been one of my favourite artists, and Selected Ambient Works Volume 2 is easily one of my top 3 favourite albums.

SNSCRN Interview

Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, 21 year old beat maker, SNSCRN has officially stolen my heart. Many music lovers spend quite some time looking for that perfect sound that they hear for the first time and know something magical is happening. That is how I felt when I first heard SNSCRN’s funky tunes. 

SNSCRN’s most recent release is his EP, Lips. The album is perfect in every which way. Sampling perfection, groovy beats, and outstanding uniqueness. The second track off the release, Ave. B, is the first SNSCRN song I heard and it was at that moment that I fell in love. Lips is SNSCRN’s 4th release which also includes an amazing single called Miss You. Make sure to check this guy out and keep him on your radar! Chances are you will love him just as much as I do!

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Hey man! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey, Corbin! I’m 21 years old, from Las Vegas, NV. I make music everyday when I’m not at school.

How long have you been making music and how did you start?

My mom bought me a Korg Electribe EM-1 when I was around ten years old. I would come home from school and go straight to it. I started rapping over the beats after a while. I eventually got in touch with someone at a local recording studio, and they let me record my songs for twenty bucks an hour. I recorded four songs with them at the expense of my folks. I still have the CD with the four songs but I will never show it to anybody because my ten year old rap voice was hilariously embarrassing.

Whats is your strongest musical belief?

I don’t know. I think a lot of people get discouraged from letting the world hear their music because of all the music being released everyday. It’s easy to get thrown under the dog pile of music, and musicians see that. But the music won’t ever get heard if you only allow yourself to hear it. So, let the world hear your stuff! If it’s good, it will find it’s way to the top of the dog pile.

Your newest EP, Lips was absolutely amazing! Can you tell us a little bit about it? 

Thanks, man! I really appreciate that. I was trying to release it for a year before I finally did. I had a bunch of songs I knew I wanted to release, but they just didn’t quite fit together. Eventually after making more and more songs, the EP started to take form.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

My friends. We all kind of influence each other. They’ll make a song and send it to me, I’ll make one and send it to them. They inspire me a lot.

You are from Las Vegas. Of course, everyone knows of the tales of love, wealth, and fame in the city, but how is the music scene?

Honestly, the music scene isn’t great. I remember when Myspace was king I would message my favorite artists asking them to come to Las Vegas and play shows. Only one ever responded. Their manager said there just wasn’t a big enough demand for independent music in Las Vegas. But, occasionally we’ll get some bands that play the Beauty Bar. I think Ty Segall is playing in March. Stoked for that.

You just recently joined Denver based label, Shoeboxx Recordings. Can you tell us about that relationship?

They’ve been really cool so far! One of my friends showed the guys at Shoeboxx my tunes and they dug it. So they shot me an email offering me a spot on their roster. I couldn’t say no! Paul and Eric have been super professional since day one. I’m super happy to be a part of Shoeboxx.

If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be and why?

Probably a mouse. Because I’m quiet and I only come out for food.

What are a few of your musical goals?

I really just want to inspire people to be creative.

What can we expect from you in 2014?

More music! I have a couple of singles I’m working on. I plan on getting them released in the next month or two.

Thanks so much for the time! Best of luck with the new year ahead! 

Thanks, Corbin. You too!

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Make sure to download Lips EP from SNSCRN’s Bandcamp!

Follow SNSCRN on SoundCloud and Facebook!

ΛRTIST // Master Control (Interview)

Many of my followers would recognize the name Master Control as the guy who made the amazing WINTΞR WINDS vol. 1 artwork, but you are really missing out if you haven’t checked out his other work! I had the privilege of interviewing Master Control and getting to pick his mind a bit! 

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Hello Master Control! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me! Can we start of by you telling us a little bit about yourself?

Hi. Thanks for the opportunity! I’m a 26 y/o art school drop out fascinated by dreams & altered states of consciousness. I currently live in Bellingham, Washington. 

Was there a certain point where you absolutely fell in love with design and knew it was what you wanted to spend your life doing?

My transition into art/design was a pretty slow process. I drew a lot as a kid, but my sister was always the artist in the family. I guess that kind of discouraged me when I was younger, so I never put much focus on it. After graduating high school in 2006 I was kind of lost and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. That’s when I got introduced to Macromedia (now Adobe) Fireworks by my old roomie. That really opened my mind up to a lot of possibilities. Creation became my therapy and my escape from life. That’s when I really fell in love with it. Even at that point though, I wasn’t sure if it was a realistic career. It was more of just a hobby I was deeply passionate about. I never thought I’d be able to make a living out of it. As things progressed I started getting more and more requests for artwork and I was actually starting to get paid for it. That kind of blew my mind. It then became apparent to me that this was what I wanted to do with my life. 

You have an amazing talent for album covers! If you could design an album cover for any musician in the world, who would you choose?

Boards of Canada. Without a doubt. I have so much respect and admiration for the brothers and the dedication they have to their art. To work with them would be a dream come true.

Your Visual Transmission series is absolutely stunning! Where did you travel to take such amazing photographs?

I’m very fortunate to live in an incredibly beautiful area of the world. Most of my photos are taken not too far from my home. Travelling is another one of my passions, so I jump at every opportunity to hit the open road. My camera is almost always by my side. 

Where would be your dream destination to vacation and photograph?

I’d love to tour around Africa someday. That’s definitely a dream of mine. From the desert landscapes to the tropical jungles… it would be an incredible place to photograph/visit. 

Obviously, music is a big part of the creative process. What have you recently been listening to while working on art?

My work is primarily influenced by music, so it’s a huge part of my process. I’m constantly looking for new artists to inspire me. Boards of Canada, Teebs, and Tycho are always in the mix for me, but lately I’ve been really into Lone, Manatee Commune, Shigeto, and Clu.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to design?

The best advice I can give is to put everything you’ve got into it your craft. Study it. Obsess over it. Live it. Breathe it. Sleep it. Don’t ever go half ass on a project.

Whats coming up for Master Control?

2014 is going to be big year for me. I have my first solo exhibitions coming up. I’m collaborating with some incredibly talented musicians. And I’ll be setting up an online store to sell prints of my work.

Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ           V           Λ          V           Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ          V          Λ

Check out more work of Master Control on his website

Also, make sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram!

André Obin - SVNSET WΛVES Mix


December Ξxclusive Mix from André Obin.

Le Thug - Of Europe (Arc 1993)

Boston is lucky to have some great college radio stations like WMBR and WZBC.  ZBC has a phenomenal program called Flyweight which plays classic indie and post-punk, but also features brand new artists carrying the torch.  That’s how I discovered this song.

Jazz Tapes - Higher and Higher  

I met the very talented Matt Guess (Jazz Tapes) while on tour last year in Raleigh, NC.  We were billed with his formidable shoegaze band The White Cascade.  I only found out about his side project Jazz Tapes much later on.  I love the warm open-heartedness in this track.

My Bloody Valentine - Kevin Song

I am a gigantic MBV fan and had the privilege of seeing them live for a fourth time last month.  When Kevin Shields collected and released the MBV EPs from ‘88 through ‘91 in 2012, I was somewhat surprised to see this left off the release.  While “Bilinda’s Song” was retitled “Angel” and other gems like “How Do You Do It” were featured prominently, Shields elected to keep this one buried in the vaults. 

Small Black - Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)

This is more like a cover than a remix as I believe Ernest Greene is singing Small Black’s lyrics.  If you liked “Feel it All Around” but can’t get into his new stuff, be sure to give this a listen.

People at Parties - Tides 

One of my favorite synthpop groups around.  They hail from NYC and San Francisco.  Lori Napolitano’s voice is amazing.  She reminds me of Annie Lennox in her prime.  I recently remixed PaP’s track “Mazes”.  

André Obin - Gazelle (Artisan Loyalist Remix) 

Artisan Loyalist did a great rework of my song “Gazelle” for my most recent release.  The synths are big and boisterous.  

John Maus - I Don’t Eat Human Beings

I’m quite excited for a new John Maus release.  This guy does not shy away from lo-fi production and I honestly can’t imagine hearing his music any other way. 

Jensen Sportag - Rain Code (Fennesz Remix)

Fennesz is a master of manipulating guitar sounds with laptops. His album Venice is untouchable. Very cool remix here.


This MOCD exclusive interview with Corbin A. Cary, aka SVNSET WΛVES, a Texas native music phenom.
MsGem: Lets start out with how your passion for music started, and how it fuels the current projects you have created.Corbin: Well, I have always had a huge love for music. My grandparents were in an old western swing band, so I was surround by music at a very young age. In Amarillo, there’s not much good music. We have a lot of country and metal bands and everyone here listens to mainstream pop music on the radio, so it was always fun showing my friends new music they had never heard. After getting involved in the turntable.fm community and making friends in the electronic music world, I was convinced to create SVNSET WΛVES in May of 2013. I originally started just writing reviews over albums and tracks, then decided that I would release exclusive tracks for friends and artists. From there, I decided I would interview the artist over themselves and their tracks and then decided I would make compilation albums. My first album, SVMMΞR SVN vol. 1 was just a way for me to figure out what was happening but, I dove in head first and the album was a hit! So, I decided to do another release inspired by my long time passion of sharing unheard music with others called RISING TIDΞS vol. 1 that showcased artists with under 500 SoundCloud followers. My most recent compilation called WINTΞR WINDS vol. 1 is an album to go along with the coldness that winter drags in with it. It’s crazy how much support and appreciation I have received from the albums because at the end of the day, I’m just a 17 year old kid doing what I love!
MsGem: Tell us a little about S O M I C O and how that developed.Corbin:  Well, the idea for S O M I C O came to me when I was at a show and I overheard someone behind me say ‘What’s a little kid doing here?’. You know, I think music is something that everyone in the world can agree on and it shouldn’t be restricted to age, gender, or location. I started S O M I C O along with Nick who co-founded Jealous Gold. We felt that we could help build a family that let’s the world know that our generation is following their dreams early and getting ahead in life. Our aim is to help get more listeners to each members fan base and build their relationships with like minded artists around the same age. It’s amazing to see all the guys interacting with each other and progressing musically because of it. We have 32 members currently and could expand that soon!
MsGem: What have been some of your biggest challenges? Corbin: Some of the biggest challenges I face are inner battles with myself. I used to find myself getting frustrated because I would see larger blogs doing exactly what I was doing and thinking that there was no hope in ever getting any recognition for what I do. But, I just had to remember that I don’t do this so other people praise me, or love me; I do it because it’s what I love doing.
MsGem: What is your biggest hope for all of these projects and where do you see yourself going in 2014? Corbin: 2014 is going to be super exciting. My biggest hopes are just to continue finding and sharing music and that people continue to enjoy what I’m doing. I also hope that I can keep up with the blog while participating in my first year of college in the fall semester. I’ll be releasing albums and EP’s for small artists that I really support, hopefully going to be collaborating with other blogs and compilation builders on some things. Maybe get some merchandise. Hopefully put on some live events in a few cities in the US. So, lot’s of stuff going on in 2014 that I am super excited for!
MsGem: What is currently filling your ears at the moment? Corbin: I am currently really digging SNSCRN’s new EP, Lips. I’m in love with Not Blue Skies new single, I don’t love you, I swear. And, I can’t sleep at night if I haven’t listened to Lapalux - Without You.
Thank you so much Corbin for your time and dedication to the music that fuels you! Please listen to “WINTΞR WINDS vol. 1” and check out Corbin’s other projects listed below.http://svnsetwaves.com/https://www.facebook.com/somicomusic


This MOCD exclusive interview with Corbin A. Cary, aka SVNSET WΛVES, a Texas native music phenom.

MsGem: Lets start out with how your passion for music started, and how it fuels the current projects you have created.
Corbin: Well, I have always had a huge love for music. My grandparents were in an old western swing band, so I was surround by music at a very young age. In Amarillo, there’s not much good music. We have a lot of country and metal bands and everyone here listens to mainstream pop music on the radio, so it was always fun showing my friends new music they had never heard. After getting involved in the turntable.fm community and making friends in the electronic music world, I was convinced to create SVNSET WΛVES in May of 2013. I originally started just writing reviews over albums and tracks, then decided that I would release exclusive tracks for friends and artists. From there, I decided I would interview the artist over themselves and their tracks and then decided I would make compilation albums. My first album, SVMMΞR SVN vol. 1 was just a way for me to figure out what was happening but, I dove in head first and the album was a hit! So, I decided to do another release inspired by my long time passion of sharing unheard music with others called RISING TIDΞS vol. 1 that showcased artists with under 500 SoundCloud followers. My most recent compilation called WINTΞR WINDS vol. 1 is an album to go along with the coldness that winter drags in with it. It’s crazy how much support and appreciation I have received from the albums because at the end of the day, I’m just a 17 year old kid doing what I love!

MsGem: Tell us a little about S O M I C O and how that developed.
Corbin: Well, the idea for S O M I C O came to me when I was at a show and I overheard someone behind me say ‘What’s a little kid doing here?’. You know, I think music is something that everyone in the world can agree on and it shouldn’t be restricted to age, gender, or location. I started S O M I C O along with Nick who co-founded Jealous Gold. We felt that we could help build a family that let’s the world know that our generation is following their dreams early and getting ahead in life. Our aim is to help get more listeners to each members fan base and build their relationships with like minded artists around the same age. It’s amazing to see all the guys interacting with each other and progressing musically because of it. We have 32 members currently and could expand that soon!

MsGem: What have been some of your biggest challenges?
Corbin: Some of the biggest challenges I face are inner battles with myself. I used to find myself getting frustrated because I would see larger blogs doing exactly what I was doing and thinking that there was no hope in ever getting any recognition for what I do. But, I just had to remember that I don’t do this so other people praise me, or love me; I do it because it’s what I love doing.

MsGem: What is your biggest hope for all of these projects and where do you see yourself going in 2014?
Corbin: 2014 is going to be super exciting. My biggest hopes are just to continue finding and sharing music and that people continue to enjoy what I’m doing. I also hope that I can keep up with the blog while participating in my first year of college in the fall semester. I’ll be releasing albums and EP’s for small artists that I really support, hopefully going to be collaborating with other blogs and compilation builders on some things. Maybe get some merchandise. Hopefully put on some live events in a few cities in the US. So, lot’s of stuff going on in 2014 that I am super excited for!

MsGem: What is currently filling your ears at the moment?
Corbin: I am currently really digging SNSCRN’s new EP, Lips. I’m in love with Not Blue Skies new single, I don’t love you, I swear. And, I can’t sleep at night if I haven’t listened to Lapalux - Without You.

Thank you so much Corbin for your time and dedication to the music that fuels you! Please listen to “WINTΞR WINDS vol. 1” and check out Corbin’s other projects listed below.



Along with the cold weather that comes with Winter, it always seems to drag in cold emotions. Let WINTΞR WINDS vol. 1 keep you warm and give you comfort as the freezing thrashing winds of winter whirl around. 

Real Cosby - Galaxy

I’m Real Cosby. I co-founded shoeboxx recordings with my good friend dj babyshoe. Galaxy is one of the more chaotic tracks I’ve ever produced. I like listening to it and playing it live on really a loud system. Right now, I’m really focused on growing shoeboxx recordings. We have a lot of big things launching in 2014, and it should be exciting.”

- Real Cosby // Denver, Colorado // Shoeboxx Recordings

Gaszia - Lost

Gaszia started out as a past time project back in the summer of 2012. He was then shortly picked up by Damn Son! Records, a local label native to the Salt Lake City valley area, and he then began working on his first EP. Since then he has grown his online presence very rapidly, and has done a multitude of remixes and collaborations, as well as exclusives for other labels. His most recent track, “Crazy” was recently released on Chilled Wax Vol. 2 by Waxhole Records, and received radio play by DJ Complexion. He has also had airplay on Sub.FM multiple times, and was featured on FutureGarage.net. Gaszia has a special release coming out at the end of the month, along with a very large project to be announced and released sometime next year. Be sure to also keep your eyes on his Soundcloud come Christmas Day. The track “Lost” is a more melancholy song (compared to what I usually make), but has a bit of attitude. It combines chill trap elements, along with future garage vibes. I experimented a little with chopping up my own vocals and switched between them and a random acapella I found. I have a feeling my own vocals will be used a lot more in the future.” 

- Gaszia // Salt Lake City, Utah // Damn Son! Records

iNDiG0 HiGH - If I Could Go..

I’m 23 & I go by the alias iNDiG0HiGH. I live in Chicago. I’m apart of LaRuche Records (Paris) & Scenic Rhythms (my own label) as well as Push Beats collective. I produce and sing my own music. The track is called ‘if I could go..’ And when I started to create it I was singing a long with it, I hadn’t done that in a while so I was pleased that words came out. This song is going to be on my ‘withher.’ Project coming out in April via Scenic Rhythms on a cassette tape. So make sure you’re glued to my soundcloud.”

- iNDiG0 HiGH // Chicago, Illinois // LaRuche Records / Scenic Rhythms


I’m a producer from California, and I’ve been making music for about 3 years on my pc. I made this track experimenting with vocal samples and sound design inspired by late nights. I tried to capture the feeling of exhaustion. I am working on an EP, and you might see a collaboration coming out soon too.”

- BKBROWN // San Diego, California

TWOS - Blur

- TWOS // ???, Europe

C∆TS CR∆DLE - While You Don’t 

- C∆TS CR∆DLE // Los Angeles, California

L Λ W N M O W H E R - im thinking 2 much

I’m 21 years old, and I’m from Tampa, Florida. I like music and art, I spend a lot of time skateboarding and reading on the internet about paranormal stuff. I love to doodle some sick random shit, and I have a new cat that I named after my current favorite producer. My musical influences consist of Teebs (which is the name of my kitten), shlohmo, dream koala, flylo, rob ontenient, lance neptune and so on and so on. I made this track as soon as I got wifi back in my house, so I was pretty psyched about that, but then I was semi depressed because I feel like a bad boyfriend towards my gf from time to time, which drove me into this type of song, like sad/happy jumping to and fro type of jazz, and in the end it made me feel amazing inside. I’m on 2 labels at the moment - both independent. HeyWTFRecords and IceChamberRecords. I’m not currently working on any new projects, or EP’s, but I will definitely let the people know when I do.”

L Λ W N M O W H E R // Tampa, Florida // HeyWTFRecords / IceChamberRecords

Exempt - Acid Rain (feat. Thomas Skrobek)

I am Exempt and I am originally from Kazakhstan but I have spent majority of my life in the UK. I am influenced by various sounds and artists I find on Soundcloud. Love the whole network of people that I have come into contact through producing. I mainly try to make music for myself but of course love to get feedback and support. The song Acid Rain is derived from the original made by Thomas Skrobek. The song is meant to emphasize the days when you feel stuck and just want to jet away somewhere and see whats out there. This song was made in a tiny, crummy, hot boxed room in Berlin. The vocals are by the beautiful Sanya Manzoor. Anything to look out for. Possibly EPs/collabs/remixes coming out or recently released. I have a lot of work ahead of me a lot of collabs with Whattsun. We were lucky to get the chance to work on a remix for The Hypergiant. More collaborations to come with Thomas Skrobek, Nick Brewer & Hanami. Tasker is remixing Open Your Eyes, really looking forward to that.”

- Exempt // Cambridge, Cambridgeshire // Collective Minds Vision

Groove Cereal - Midnight and the Seasons Change

I am a musician hailing from Buffalo, NY. I got my start as Groove Cereal 2 years ago. I had wrote one track at the time (Steppin’) and played it one day in a room on turntable.fm (RIP). Jenova 7 happened to be there, really dug the track and told me to forward it on to Dimitar over at Dusted Wax Kingdom. Sent in the track and he loved it and put me on the label! That gave me the push and inspiration to write more and I released my first record a few months later. Since then, I have released one more record under Dusted Wax then met DJ babyshoe out in Denver when I was living in CO for a time. We hooked up and I started playing live at his events. From there we forged a remarkable friendship and through him I have met some of the most amazing people (Real Cosby, manmantis, RoboCLIP, etc.) and eventually joined the Shoeboxx family. That’s the abridged version of the story. This track was one I had started writing last year but forgot about until recently. When I opened the file, it was definitely a wintery sound so I figured it would fit the theme of this comp perfectly. I am currently working on a debut EP for Shoeboxx that is taking more time than expected. Keep an eye out for details as 2014 rolls around. Outside of that, I am working on playing out live in Buffalo and should have some shows lined up soon!”

- Groove Cereal // Buffalo, New York // Shoeboxx Recordings / Dusted Wax

28 Mansions - Floating Bones

im a 16 year old girl from san francisco, california. im not an artist im just depressed.this track is a love story about ambien. i have an EP coming out on the 30th of december & a couple unreleased tracks/remixes coming out on sweet shop records following the new year.”

- 28 Mansions // San Francisco, California // Sweet Shop Records


- WASTED NIGHTS // Orvieto, Italy

BEEMO - f a i t h

BEEMO is the brainchild of Illinois native Aaron Komnick. Alluring listeners in with a combination of sultry R&B chord progressions, chopped vocal shots, and a genuine representation of human sexuality, he is out to please your tympanic membrane. His track “f a i t h” deconstructs bits of Miguel’s “Sure Thing” and creates an upbeat yet ambient city-cruising vibe. The vocals are complimented by a sensual arrangement of synths and a constantly growing and pulsating drum track. In early spring he will be releasing a full-length album titled “Seasons” through Midwest Collective. Also be sure to check out his upcoming collaborations with Harris Cole, Voyage., G-Head, tuuwa, Kyross, and more.”

- BEEMO // Clinton, Illinois // Midwest Collective

Mstk - Soo

MSTK is the electronic music project by Alessandro Guarnerio. Alessandro, born ’86, comes from Legnano, a city nearby Milan. In 2008 he moved to Bologna for his university studies in Music at the department of Drama, Art and Music Studies. He has been involved in several post-rock and shoegaze projects but it’s only in 2009 that he starts to dig into electronic music and club culture and get confident producing music. His music is based on the use of Ableton combined with various analog synth. His productions space from hip hop beats to house mixed with shoegaze influences and vintage instruments. I made a little jam with warm synth & r&b vocal samples because they remind me of the winter atmosphere. I Hope with the new year I’ll get out my new ep.”

- Mstk // Milan, Italy // Sea-Punk-Gang / SBMRSD / Concrete Records

Moonkay - Redemption//Love

I’m a chillwave producer from the UK, been producing under this moniker for about 2 years. My music is an expression of my emotions, and sharing those emotions with others. I love sharing as well as making music so i began a record label, The Roomers, to do that. I’ve loved every step of it and hope to continue supporting and promoting other artist. I took a different approach for this track as it is made up of two different main ideas. The first half is quite dark and ominous, while the second half more loving. The contrast between the two helps them to truly appreciate one another. I currently reside in the Essex county. At the moment I’m working with Onlylost on his next EP, out on SOMICO. I’m also going to be releasing a new EP of my own in the near future with The Roomers, however I am also a member of SOMICO. My last album, Here And After, came out last summer and is still available for download.I also regularly update my soundcloud with remixes and original tracks for others to listen to as well.”

- Moonkay // Colchester, Essex // The Roomers / S O M I C O Collective

Xed - Actions 

Hey guys! I’m Dexter aka XED pronounced “Zed”, a 19 year old producer out of Atlanta, Georgia! I pretty much produce any and every genre possible. From Footwork, R&B, Glitch, and Chillwave, to Trap, Nu Disco, and Trip Hop. Under my 1 year of experience I try to not limit myself. With that said, my track I produced “Actions” is a simple, yet storytelling track, that walks you into Atlanta and sits you in a cold day. And as the track slowly begins to play you listen to the cold city around you fade. That’s my life. Music is my escape from every rush around me. My focus and my habitat. Through the tough year I’ve had, music has stuck by me, and has been my friend through it all. As the sample plays over and over, it’s reassurance that music is still there and that no matter how low I get, that’s my escape. Music is always on XED’s soundcloud. I recently embarked on a 12 Day trial where I’ve produced a track a day for 12 days to show my love for my family, friends, and music, called “The 12 Days Of ‘Ofa”. Each track is insanely different and hits all genres. I also have an EP that drops Dec. 24th. I have tons of remixes coming in 2014. Stay tuned. No song will be left out.”

- Xed // Atlanta, Georgia // Kolossus Records

M Λ I S O N - Verano (feat. Lew)

I’m M Λ I S О N , AKA “Chad Ingwer”. I’ve been producing as maison for about a year now. This track I made with lew about 4 months ago for my self titled. but ive grown so much since then, so i figured ill just release this one now, and start something new with lew for my self titled. you guys can expect the self titled by spring.”

M Λ I S О N // Cleveland, Ohio // S O M I C O Collective

Flamingosis - Snow

Aaron Velasquez aka Flamingosis is a NJ producer who creates sample based music compositions from the inner depths of his mind. The track “snow” is a very melancholy tune that captures the beautiful sadness of the winter season. That sounds really cheesy, but thats what i really thought when making it. The sample sounds so haunting and captivating that i had to do something with it. Look out for a Holiday collab release with my homie Ruff Draft and a self entitled released coming out next year on Keats Collective!”

- Flamingosis // Morristown, New Jersey // KEATS COLLECTIVE / Em La La Terra / Rootnote

TVNE - White Dress

My Name is Bren aka TVNE. I’m 19 & just a regular guy who makes music and eggs of course. I’ve been singing since the age of 10 and have been producing for 10 months. Although I don’t have much experience on my belt I have been noticed by Carmack of Soulection who started off my career by reposting my first single Wifey (Prod. Stwo). From then on I have been working with Trapdoor Records as an independent artist. My gift is singing and talent is producing so anytime I compose a song it is from the Soul and is strongly R&B influenced. I have also been listening to stwo lately so I wanted to use dope Rhodes and create a very mellow track; something you can sit and drink hot coco on a cold Sunday afternoon. Oh God collabs! I have countless of them coming in 2014. I will be working soon with (Noithingness, Juan Cristobal, The Ninety’s, Shackles, and many others those are just ones I know of at this moment) . Releases through Trapdoor Records in the future while co-founding a newly found record label Kolossus Records.”

- TVNE // Cleveland, Ohio // Trapdoor Records / Kolossus Records

Esbe - Morning Star

A Beatsmith under “Esbe” moniker.Orignally from Phillipine and lived in Okinawa japan as a child,Now Currently residing in Los Angeles,California.Collecting and manipulating sounds. Producing Trip hop/Abstract Hip hop/Electronic music.It Carries that blunted downtempo beats, spiced with jazzy,soulful and tasty electronic ingredients. Morning star is a track I started making bout 2 years ago that I never got to finish until recently,at the time I was practicing my basslines heavily,I wanted to make something groovy and funky. I have few a releases coming out soon, Compliation projects from RA-NYC, Vitis Records. and My Full length album.”

- Esbe // Los Angeles, California // Dusted Wax / Vitis Records / Brown Republic

Fluss - Temporal

Temporal is a track related to loneliness. It’s a track I wrote during a week where I was alone and deep feelings that I was trying to escape from were haunting me. Temporal means that things are temporal (obviously), and the pain you feel with time will go away. Temporal means blizzard in Portuguese, which refers to the cold ambience I tried to create. I’ve got an EP coming up that will be released on iTunes with Emerald & Doreen Records. I’ve got a remix I made for an artist named Klangliebe that will be released on his EP in March I think.”

- Fluss // Cannes, France // Emerald & Doreen / S O M I C O Collective

Warren Xclnce - Nocturnal

"I am a 23-year-old music producer from London. I’m currently unsigned but I did recently release a Free LP via MIMM this autumn which had features from the likes of IAMNOBODI, Etta Bond, Handbook, and Ego Ella-May. I only released the video for Examine me ft. Etta Bond recently which can be seen hereThis track was one that was made at the start of the winter period just as the cold was beginning to settle in. It is really chilled with fusions of harmonies and full of emotions captured buy the subtle delays on the 808 percussion samples. The synthetic harmonies capture a feeling that can only be really felt during the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. The track was originally supposed to be intended for vocalist but the vocal stabs work well with the overall piece telling a story of something deeper left for the listener to decipher and interpret. I am working on a few projects for 2014, I am hoping to do a few collaboration projects with a couple producers and few other vocalists who I am feeling right at the moment. One will be slightly more experimental than and one a lot more electronic based, but both just as interesting as each other. I’m excited to finish them really to hear the results.”

- Warren Xclnce // London, England 


"I’m a Jazz musician with my Master’s in music. About the track: it’s a sample from Phantasy Star Online which is a game I’ve sampled to hell with some added synths from a Yamaha DX7. Look out for a new album to be released via STYLSS and TAHRC in early 2014 titled ‘NEW NOSTALGIA’.”

- GOLDEN LIVING ROOM // Wichita, Kansas // Midwest Collective / STYLSS

luxury elite - Subtle

I’m Lux, I don’t really like talking about myself outside of the Lux project but I will at least say I am somewhere in Kentucky and I like to sample and loop a lot. This is my first project ever, and I am hoping to grow musically from here. I think my next project is going to involve making exotica music with my fun machine. The track I submitted for the compilation is a track called Subtle, a song that has grown on me significantly since its inception a month or so ago. It has a way of sneaking into your head and it’s pretty catchy. I have music-to-color synesthesia, and Subtle is a very gray track, which I felt would fit in with the winter theme of the comp. It also feels very dramatic, like it would be the theme song to a serious 80s/90s prime time television show involving a bitter, retired cop who still tries to get involved in police cases and gets pissed when he is shooed away (only to sneakily get involved and catch the bad guy, of course). I’ve just released a greatest hits compilation called Sincerely that also includes a few unreleased tracks along with tracks that were yet-to-be downloadable. I’m going to be doing an #SPF420 set alongside Bones and other artists in January, details TBA. Also in January, I will be hosting my own radio show entitled Neon Nights on Wednesday nights at 11:00 p.m. EST. I’m sure I’ll release more albums in the New Year, but we’ll see where things go.”

- luxury elite // Kentucky, USA // Fortune 500 / New Generation

SAINT PEPSI - Do The Harlem Shake One More Time

- SAINT PEPSI // Long Island, New York // New Generation / KEATS Collective

Roads & Boats - Air Chrysalis 

My name is Adam and I’m from Toronto. I’ve been making records as Roads and Boats since about 2008/2009. Yes it’s also the name of a board game, and yes that’s where I got it. I make sample heavy instrumental synth dance/pop music, sometimes with found sounds or bits of dialogue from documentaries and films thrown in. When I started making tracks I was more like a hip hop producer trying to rip off air france, but it’s morphed into something that I don’t really know how to describe. This track basically embodies my “sound” pretty well. The way I sample, it sort of evolved from.. well, not knowing how to sample. I probably still don’t know how. I have a good sense for the sections of a song that will yield good samples, but then I just cut it up at random and play with the pieces until I get something. Then the track sort of grows from there. “Air Chrysalis” is the name of a fictional novel in the plot of a real novel (which you should read, if you haven’t already) called “1Q84” by Haruki Murakami. The dialogue in the track is him talking about music during an interview. If I ever get around to it, there should be a new Roads and Boats record in early 2014. Also, I’ll probably start a side project to release some minimal modern house tracks I’ve been fucking around with.”

- Roads & Boats // Toronto, Ontario // Chill Mega Chill

Fear Club - Matanuska

My name is Robin Huqueleux a.k.a Fear Club.
Bedroom producer by night. It’s a pretty dark track, little piece of my soul. Winter’s bite, there’s no lyrics cuz it’s all about loneliness. I’m about to release my second EP early 2014! Got some remixes too!”

- Fear Club // Paris, France

Neo-Safari - High Altitude

High Altitude is the dream of a slow and steady never-ending climb to the clouds. Neo-Safari is my genre-hopping musical act that has been releasing free music since April 2012. There will be a slew of unheard Neo-Safari material released within the next few months. The releases will be mostly Future Beat type compositions.”

- Neo-Safari // Dallas, Texas

Dan∆logOne - InnerBetweens

I go by Dan∆logOne I’m a beat maker slash graphic designer, I’m from wood bridge, Va. I like all kinds of music especially exeprimental hiphop, electronic chill wave, and trap. i also have a twin brother who makes beats he`s the one who initially got me into making beats. My favorite producer is mndsgn! The track i made was inspired by a guy name Pict0chat. i really dig his music and can tell he is also a fan of mndsgn. I wanted the track to be 8 bit with a blend of experimental hip hop and i also wanted it to be ambient! Look out for my next LP named The Beautiful Illusion some time in 2014, also me and my bro are in our own group called outer limit, we are putting together a beat tape with about 20 beat maker friends its gonna be full of dope experimental hip hop, trap, and chill wave beats! Look out for that in 2014 as well. I’m also signed to a record label Known as Wepushbuttons Recordings out in canada.”

- Dan∆logOne // Wood Bridge, Virginia // Wepushbuttons Recordings

Kruisemode - Burst

Co-founder of the record label known as Cadence Collective, New York producer Kruisemode’s tracks have garnered support from artists such as Balam Acab, Plastician, and Two Inch Punch. The track was made over the course of a couple days and was originally intended to be a Busta Rhymes remix. It was made using deep house sampling. Currently he is working on his debut EP to be released under Cadence Collective later this year.”

- Kruisemode // New York, New York // Cadence Collective

The Sha - White Mask

I make music as my alter ego “The Sha”. I take imperfections in music and make them work within my music. I try to tell a story in each and every one of my songs and hope one day listeners will begin to listen to the music before they judge it. I am from New Jersey and I current reside in Florida. When I was working on this track I tried to create a cold vibe and sampled a lot of ice cubes and whatnot. I’ve been listening to a lot of old school hip hop and future garage lately so I wanted to impliment a little of that into my track. I wanted the listener to think about a blanketed white forest and just feel sad. The holidays are always sad. Currently, aside from this project, I’ve been working on a split with my good friend MarshSound. Our split is titled “Dial Down” and will be released in January. Other than that I am doing my thing, possibly releasing an official EP in Spring.”

- The Sha // Largo, Florida // Kolossus Records

Hotwax - Spirits

I’m Hotwax, a 21-year old electronic musician from Florida who loves the sounds of synths, beats, and chill vibes. This track is the b-side to a single I will be putting out via Bad Pop in the upcoming weeks, entitled “Despondence/Spirits”. Both feature reverb-soaked synths and chilled beats, but “Spirits” offers a more wintery tone with its icy piano and bells. As I mentioned, I will have a digital single coming out sometime in the next few weeks, and a remix of “Portals” by Filipino darkwave artist Conclave will be on his remix album due out the first few weeks of January.”

- Hotwax // Clearwater, Florida

[D]ay [B]reak - BREZZA (feat. VΛNILLΛ SUEDE)

My names Jack Cobbold, i am 18 and from Brighton, currently studying Digital Music at Southampton Solent university, i make chill wave/Glo-Fi music under the name [D]ay [B]reak. me and Sam aka. Vanilla Suede wrote this to be a nice chilled piece, short and sweet. Inspired by Coastal Winters from our childhood. I have an EP on the way very soon, early january so look out for that.”

- [D]ay [B]reak // Brighton, England // S O M I C O Collective

BOX OF WOLVES - Addicted

Box of Wolves is a hybrid 90’s Summer Nostalgia/Chill-/Synthwave music project nursed by The Venom Blog creator Gabriel Akinrinmade out of the whims of his sundry synth modulator experiments. Highly reminiscent of the sounds of Teen Daze, Com Truise, and Washed Out, Box of Wolves, even to bottom-tier music aficionado, runs like a non-obnoxious transcendental LSD alt-party set list. It’s equal parts chill, equal parts solid, with tracks featured in The Magician’s Magic Tape, Goldroom’s Sole Fixtape, Cosmo Baker, Mad Decent’s Soundcloud Round Up, and Triple J Unearthed. Felt like it has been over a year since i’ve a something really chill and laid back like “No Kisses” and “SWIM” so i went back to using the same pads and synthesizers i used in making those tracks, With addition some roland keys. As usual the vocals where provided for by Christa Vi. Except in this instance i screwed the lead vox to sound dipper and cold. I will be releasing a second Single EP on Electronic Rumors In January titled ‘Let’s Start Again’. The Single will be released with a B-Side and remixes from NY Nu-Disco DJ/Producers AIMES, London deep house producer, Meloder and The Brazillian duo Deltafoxx.”

- BOX OF WOLVES // Winnipeg, Canada // Electronic Rumors

Full Notice - Forever

- Full Notice // Aurora, Colorado // S O M I C O Collective

∑B❍L▲ ▲P∑ - Flores

∑B❍L▲ ▲P∑ // A Jungle in Europe

wwebss - Growing Distance

I am 17 and live in a little town in Sweden called Kristinehamn. I mostly sit in my room and experiment with sounds, playing guitar and make stuff. I have always listened to a large variety of music when it comes to genres but since I started producing I found a whole new bunch of different electronic genres and electronic music grew on me very much. The style of the songs might be different on some of my future songs since I don’t wanna tie myself to a particular genre or anything. The song I made was just me messing around with a beat but then I started combinating some samples and a chorus and just added stuff which then turned out pretty cool. I am currently unsigned but I am in the SOMICO collective and an EP might be released within the next couple months. Some collabs might take place too.”

- wwebss // Kristinehamn, Sweden // S O M I C O Collective

Thanks so much for checking out the album! I hope you enjoy it and have an amazing New Years! 

Download WINTΞR WINDS vol. 1 now! 

Top 50 Remixes of 2013


2013 has been quite an amazing year, it was really just this year that I wandered into this beautiful community of electronic music. But, I’m not the only thing that has been affected by the year… 2013 has changed the face of music forever. So, here is my list of the best remixes, remakes, covers, edits, chops, and screws of 2013.

50 // Washed Out - Don’t Give Up (CROWNS Remix)

I first discovered CROWNS from my good friend DINOSAURUS REX, who was helping me find artists to participate in SVMMΞR SVN vol. 1. I automatically fell in love with his unique style and funky grooves. I have listened to this upbeat dancey remix of Washed Out’s track Don’t Give Up which debuted on his new album Paracosm. When I saw Washed Out at FunFunFun Fest, I was a little disappointed I wasn’t hearing the CROWNS remix of this son

49 // Kid Cudi - Marijuana (VXNYL Remix)

Canadian producer VXNYL has been making good remixes all year, but the one that I believe stands above them all is his Kid Cudi remix. I love the chill vibes that he adds to the track. The vocals fit in perfectly with the rest of the track. 

48 // Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Trian Kayhatu Remix)

I know, I know. Wrecking Ball was by far the most remixed song of 2013, but out of the hundreds I heard, I think Trian Kayhatu’s remix was my favorite. The remix is kinda unorthodox and I think that’s why I like it so much. My first time listening I was kinda confused, but after listening more I just fell in love. 

47 // Pools - Picture (James Deen Remix) 

The no longer active Australian duo, Pools was a favorite throughout my summer. Their song Picture is one of my favorite tracks of the year and when Canadian producer James Deen remixed it I was ecstatic! The remix is super dreamy and creates a whole different world than the original. 

46 // SAINT PEPSI - UNHAPPY (Kodak Cameo Edit) 

UNHAPPY is another favorite track of mine from this year. Kodak Cameo is an artist I have been following for a while and when SAINT PEPSI reposted this I knew it was going to be stellar. The added in synths and percussion make the track even more fun and adventurous.

45 // Daft Punk - Around The World (X3SR Remix)

When I was 15 I would stand around my house and dance to Daft Punk’s hit song Around The World. Of course, like most other music, when you hear it a million times it gets old. I was extremely happy when I saw that Florida based duo X3SR remixed it. The remix keeps the same dance vibes but gives me a fresh set of ears to the song.  

44 // SOHN - The Wheel (VNDMG Remix)

I haven’t been following VNDMG for long but when I heard this remix I knew I had come across something special. I love the use of vocals in this song. This remix is so fun to see unfold before your eyes. 

43 // XXYYXX - Bill Gates (Indyans Remix)

I had never heard of the XXYYXX song Bill Gates until I heard this remix. The guitar sample is beautiful and gives you an amazing Japanese feel. I’m sure if Bill Gates ever heard this remix it would be on every Microsoft commercial for the rest of eternity. 

42 // Applebottom - Let You (Warren Xclnce Re-Edit)

The first time I heard this edit of Let You, I was on turntable.fm and it was one of those moments where your heart starts racing because you are hearing something so good. This song is the perfect cure for a broken heart. 

41 // Toro Y Moi - Still Sound (El. Train Remix)

The first time I ever listened to El. Train the thing that stuck out most was his remixes. If you wanna go way back with me, before I released compilations or anything, I released individual exclusive tracks. I was lucky enough to feature a remix from El. Train as my very first exclusive. It’s crazy to think this track was released when El. Train hit 500 followers and is now well over 2,000. I am inspired by his drive and ethic. I’m excited to see what he has cooking for 2014. 

40 // Banks - Waiting Game (Ruddyp Bootleg) 

I have never heard anything I wasn’t amazed by from Ruddyp. His Banks remix is top notch, with beautiful synths and dreamy vocals. I love all the small details of the track.

39 // James Blake - Retrograde (Was Legit Bootleg)

STYLSS puts out some of the best compilations out there and when they released their SUICIDE PACT Bootleg Edition I was amazed, but the track the pulled most on my heart strings was this James Blake bootleg. The bootleg accentuates his voice even more and is just breathtaking! 

38 // Tajan - 1986 (El. Train Remix)

Well, I already told you exactly how I felt about everything El. Train puts out so I’ll just leave this masterpiece right here. 

37 // XXYYXX - About You (THE SHA Remix) 

Earlier on in the fall I heard a super short preview of this remix and was stoked when it finally came out in full. I love the unique little glitches and skips in the track.

36 // Flume - Sleepless (Beshken Remix) 

This super uplifting and laid back remix of the classic Flume tune is a definite heart warmer. This song is perfect for cruising the town late at night with good friends or sitting silently next to the pool on a warm summer’s day. 

35 // Spazzkid - Forgiveness (Thompost Remix) 

Spazzkid’s release Desire has been my favorite release of the year and when I heard he was putting out a remix album, I was extremely excited to hear all the remixes of my favorite song on the album, Forgiveness. Thompost’s dreamy remix came out on top and is still a favorite of mine. 

34 // Bon Iver - Wash (Flu∆ XIV Edit) 

I first got into Bon Iver when I was a Freshman and it amazes me that still to this day people are always remixing his old music. I love it because it brings back such amazing memories. The Flu∆ edit is the best I have heard in quite a while! 

33 // Amel Larrieux - For Real (IAMNOBODI Remix)

I love this funky and sexy remix. This is probably one of the most soulful tracks of the year.

32 // Leona Lewis - Keep Bleeding (Médéric Remix)

It’s amazing seeing the rebirth of disco happen right in front of my eyes. This was the first track I ever heard from French producer Médéric and I loved it from the start! 

31 // Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe (SAINT PEPSI Remix) 

Although I heard the original song hundreds of time on a summer roadtrip I went on, I don’t ever mind listening to SAINT PEPSI’s remix on this hit track. It’s so much smoother and much easier to get jiggy to.

30 // n u a g e s - Machines (ABVEGRND Remix)

Earlier on in the year, I came across a small artist named nuages with only two songs on his SoundCloud. I was totally into his music. A little bit later in the year, I was introduced to ABVEGRND by Howlings. I was amazed by his fantastic production quality. I was delighted to see that he remixed one of those two original songs. I love the atmosphere ABVEGRND adds to the track and look forward to new things from him! 

29 // XXYYXX - Overdone (Not Blue Skies Remix)

I don’t really remember how I found Not Blue Skies… But, I’m really glad I did. This Overdone remix is just the perfect chilled out and mellow remix to help you think. 

28 // Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon (Rolmex Remix)

Before I really got into the chill electronic scene, I only listened to Deadmau5. When I saw this remix and listened for the first time it was refreshing being able to recite the words and still be able to enjoy it just as much as I did back in the good ole’ days. 

27 // Sunni Colon - Temple (Theodore WHITE Remix)

It wasn’t long ago when I was turned on to Theodore WHITE. This super fun loving hip-hop remix is Grade A. The guitar sample is utilized perfectly and the percussion is right on point.

26 // alt-J - Breezeblocks (Beshken Remix) 

It’s remixes like this that completely make my day. Every single aspect of this song is phenomenal. The pitched down vocals are entrancing. The guitar sample is top notch. The percussion is exhilarating. What more could you ask for in a remix?

25 // Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (JENI Remake)

Let JENI show you a few things about music. I am not a huge fan of most female vocals, but JENI is just unmatchable. There have been some good Suit & Tie remakes this year, but of them all this one peaks high over the others. 

24 // Giraffage - Money (Indyans Remix)

Money has been one of those tracks that I have bumped all year long and this remix is just as hot. I love the tempo change and chilled out vibe. This remix is money.

23 // Souja Boy - Crank That (Moonkay Remix)

I think it was my seventh grade year when Crank That was everyone in the worlds ringtone. That was back when Razors were the coolest phones. When I heard this remix the other day I fell in love. It’s been so long since I have heard this song but given new life, I dig it now more than ever. 

22 // Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool (Moon Bounce Remix)

This is one of the first songs I ever reviewed and I’m going to quote what I said on May 8th:

The song makes you want to strut down main street in your full hipster attire and point at attractive women as they walk by. Or maybe thats just me… I don’t know. But, I do know this is a great remix!

21 // Indigo Foxx - Almost (Trill Cosby Re-fix)

Almost is one of my favorite tracks to ever be made and I have seen very few remixes of it, but when I found this trap re-fix by Trill Cosby I knew before I heard it I was going to love it. And sure enough, I did.

20 // Spazzkid - Getting To Know You (su na Remix) 

Did you really think I was just going to feature one remix from the Desire Remix album? su na gives this instant hit his special touch and creates a wonderful world to any who hear. 

19 // Sable - Feels So Good (Not Blue Skies Remix)

This is one of those tracks that you know without a doubt if you heard it live you would go crazy. This amazing upbeat trap remix could be very easily confused with a Cashmere Cat track.

18 // Tajan x Fwdslxsh - Beautiful (Esta Edit)

Tajan and Fwdslxsh are both buds of mine and when they dropped a track with SOULECTION I was flipping out for them. The original now has nearly 500k plays on SoundCloud and has been remixed by legends such as Esta himself. 

17 // Hucci - Ball So Hard (Moonkay Remix) 

This song was a hit before it was remixed and now it is even more of a hit thanks to Moonkay. I love the use of bells in this song, something that isn’t used very much. This track is a blast and it is a ton of fun to just get down to.

16 // Gold Panda - Through Cloud (GRAND INC Remix)

German producer GRAND INC created this beauty early on in the year. I love the intro more than I can describe and the percussion used in the track is unbeatable. 

15 // Toro Y Moi - Rose Quartz (X3SR Remix)

From October 22:

Miami based dreampop band X3SR put out a fantastic remix of Toro Y Moi's track Rose Quarts. While still maintaining the original brilliance of the track, X3SR adds in their infamous synths to turn this track into a more dancy chill house song.

14 // Giraffage - Undress U (Pyxis Remix)

While keeping the classic feel of the song in tact, Pyxis turns this track into a chilled out dancing wonderland. This remix takes you into an adventurous dream world filled with action and love.

13 // Haruka Nakamura - Arne (WTCHDCTR Remix)

I love the childish and innocent feels of this remix. It just takes me back to a time when life was more simple and I was more careless. It’s a beautiful thing really, and it’s a very special track to be able to take me there. 

12 // Ta-ku - Higher (Flume Remix)

What happens when a track involves both Ta-ku and Flume? One of the best things ever. This remix is super happy-go-lucky and fun. I love the use of the vocals in the remix and the overall ability to make me want to dance. 

11 // Toro Y Moi - So Many Details (LAZAЯS Slowww Edit) 

Everyone loves hearing their favorite tunes slowed down and this edit here is my favorite slowed down edit of the year! I listened to this song every day for a month at the beginning of the school year! 

10 // Justin Bieber - Baby (Sterling Flow Remix)

Earlier in the year, I started a contest in a facebook group I created. The contest was to make a remix of Justin Biebers song Baby. I love hearing famous (and terrible) songs get touched up into something beautiful. This was my favorite out of the competition. I love the guitar samples and vocal editing!

9 // Xian - Feel (WTCHDCTR Remix) 

Man, this song is crazy. When it drops, my mind is blown every time. The synths in this track are fantastic, the vocals fit in perfect, and the overall feel of the remix is very emotional.

8 // Rihanna - Stay (JENI RIH-MAKE)

The first time I heard this song was the moment I fell in love with JENI. She has one of my favorite voices in the world and she produces each one of these tracks herself. This emotional cover is definitely one of my favorite tracks of the year! 

7 // Rihanna - You Da One (Summer Occasion Remix) 

I found this song early on in the year and it was all I listened to for a good month! I love the chopping of the vocals and the terrific synth. I still can’t get enough of this track! 

6 // Flume - Left Alone feat. Chet Faker (Chrome Sparks Remix)

Everything Chrome Sparks turns to gold, and combined with the original brainstorm of Australian producer Flume and featuring the amazing vocals of Chet Faker, this track is definitely one of the years best! 

5 // Xian - Come Tell Me (Aztek Remix) 

The vocals on this remix are superb and filled with lots of beautiful noises like birds and little click this song remains interesting all the way through. Aztek and Xian have made tracks togeteher before and I am convinced that anything that has both of their names on it is going to be huge. 

4 // Panama - Always (Wave Racer Remix) 

Wave Racer is known for making some amazing remixes but this one tops them all! The synths in this track tug on my soul, make me happy, and make me want to get D-D-D-DOWN!

3 // Janet Jackson - Someone To Call My Lover (Giraffage Remix)

This song has made for some amazing times over the past year. This summer, when I was allowed to play my music on our 6 day roadtrip I was getting everyone to jam to this. Even when I was all alone I was dancing to this song. Listening to this song brings back some of the best memories of 2013.

2 // Télépopmusik - Breathe (X3SR Remix)

This song has helped get me through some of the roughest parts of the year. It reminds me to just slow down. Just breathe. I just need to believe in myself and know that things will get better tomorrow. I am very thankful for this song, because without it I don’t know how I would have made it through some of the worst days. 

1 // Giselle Rosselli - Silk (WTCHDCTR Remix) 

When I think of the remix I have the most respect for over this year it is this song. Every aspect of this song is brilliant. Actually a few months ago I heard someone else trying to take credit for this track so I had to tell them whats up. If someone is trying to steal your work, that really shows that you are something special. I love this track because it kinda flows with your emotions. You can listen when you are happy, when you are sad, angry, or hurt. 

Thanks a ton for checking out my list! I hope you dig all these tracks as much as I have! Also, thanks to every artist on this list thats music has made my year a better experience.